I’m playing a VDT (Verband Deutche Tonmeister) event at Galaxy 10/6 using an 8.0 setup (quad on the ground and quad in the air). I don’t think that this has ever been done before … Here goes!

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How to Create Real 3D Immersive Experience?

Recording and mixing techniques for three-dimensional multi-channel reproduction

Galaxy Studios (www.galaxystudios.com), Kievistraat 42, B-2400 MOL; Belgien
October 6-7, 2012
Surround Sound 5.1 or even 7.1 does not deliver true 3D sound as it is not able to produce a three-dimensional sound field and therefore not able to immerse the consumer in a “True, Converging Audio Experience“ when watching a movie (2D or 3D), listening to music, watching sports events, playing games etc. True 3D Sound should be a unique experience that puts the consumer as the main actor in a virtual (close to reality) world. As such, it is a completely new definition of “Total 3D Customer Immersion”. The creation of this level of experience requires new knowledge in the production process.

Dave Ashton (Dialogue editor)
Wilfried Van Baelen (Conceiver of Auro-3D Format)
Florian Camerer (ORF)
Srdjan Kurpjel (Sounddesign film)
Patrick Lemmens (Tonmeister, Scoring engineer)
Gareth Llewellyn (Dubbing Mixer)
David Miles Huber (Composer/Producer in Lounge-Dance-Music, 2x Grammy nominated)
Günther Theile (VDT)

Part 1: The introduction of height
– Immersed emotional experience in the entertainment world
– Concept & vision of next-generation audio formats and requirements
– Trends and innovations in sport, music and film recording
– Creation of atmosphere, ambient sounds, immersive experience
– Real-life 3D recordings and playbacks (hands on workshop)

Part 2: Auro-3D
– The Auro-3D® concept and listening formats
– Workflow issues and solutions for each market, descriptions
– Recording and mixing techniques: mixing in 3D
– Upmix and downmix, single inventory distribution
– Questions and answers
Seminar Chair: Bert Van Daele (R&D manager, Auro-Technologies)
Supported by:
Patrick Lemmens (Tonmeister, Galaxy Studios)
Wilfried Van Baelen (CEO Galaxy Studios & Auro-Technologies)

10/06/12 Saturday

09:00 11:00 arrival Guests
11:00 11:20 Welcome and practical introduction 00:20
11:20 11:30 Motivations behind this seminar, Wilfried Van Baelen 00:10
11:30 12:00 Trends and Innovations in the audiovisual world Wilfried Van Baelen 00:30
12:00 12:45 introducing different formats 00:45
12:45 14:15 Lunch break 01:30
14:15 15:45 Ambiance Recordings in 3D 01:30
15:45 16:30 Film mixing / Sound design in 3D Gareth Llewellyn / Srdjan Kurpjel 00:45
16:30 17:00 Coffee Break 00:30
17:00 17:45 Recording and Mixing Music in 3D Patrick Lemmens 00:45
17:45 18:30 Composing in 3D David Miles Huber 00:45
18:30 20:00 Walking Galaxy Networking Dinner
19:00 00:00 Auro Dance David Miles Huber

10/07/12 Sunday
10:00 11:15 Auro 3D concept & creative Tools Wilfried Van Baelen 01:15
11:15 11:30 Coffee Break 00:15
11:30 12:30 Auro 3D Workflows Bert Van Daele 01:00
12:30 13:30 Lunch break 01:00
13:30 16:30 Workshops 03:00
Auro 3D Film Mixing
Auro 3D Sound Design
Auro 3D Music
Auro 3D Plug Ins
16:30 17:00 Closing Notes Bert Van Daele / Wilfried Van Baelen 00:30

Registration fees:
VDT member: Euro 150,00
Non-member: Euro 250,00
VDT member / student: Euro 30,00
Non-member / student: Euro 60,00
Registration fees include Seminar documents, lunch and coffee break catering.
Nearby hotel accomodation can be recommended.
You can subscribe to this VDT-Seminar online on www.tonmeister.de as of August 2012.

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