– Mastering
– Effects


– It’s all about the “DETAILS”

– How to approach “the final mix”
* getting too close to the mix
* reference mix track

– What does a mastering engineer do?
* help put the project’s best foot forward (level, dynamics, eq)
* help to match levels
* Sequencing (ordering) the songs
* Song timings
* song levels as well as overall project levels

– To master it yourself or to hire a mastering engineer
* objectivity
* What is truly required (can take years)

– Mastering software
– Mastering services
– Personal mastering chain
* show them yours

– talk about my experiences with mastering and mastering engineers

– Whose work do you most respect? (desert island records)
– Contact them and (if possible) get to know them a bit
– What do they need from you? (file preparation)
* Preparation for the process (important)
– How should the material be delivered?
* rate/bitdepth
* compression, eq and other effecting elements should be turned off
* delivery level (-12 to -20 or so dB)
* Delivery (highest rate, no EQ or gain processing)

– Be present, not be there, skype or on-line (file transfer)
– Stems?
* with voice on another stem?

– The Gain Game (dynamics vs. volume)
– Timing (up to the artist/producer)
– Points of reference (the pro knows their room, professional detachment)

Doing it yourself

– The hard edge of being too-close (points of reference, difficulties with detachment)
– Preparation and allow extra time
– EQ
– Dynamics
– Mastering plug-ins (one click does all?)
– All-in-the-session vs. the 2-step process
– Song timings (intro/outro included in track)
– Advantages to in-session mastering
– Total recall for changes


– Manufacture? What medium? (Digital Download, streaming)
– Youtube (free marketing)
distrokid (all of the major dist. outlets for 19.95, unlimited tracks)
Bandcamp (commission, hi-def flac)


– What does the US and North Korea have in common?
Buma Stembra (Amsterdam)
– Ascap/BMI

– Creative Commons


– To physically distribute or not
* CD
* vinyl

On-line distribution
* Spotify

* Bandcamp

* Distrokid

– discussion

Effects (EFX)

– amplitude
* EQ

* compression

* limiting

– time

* delay

* reverb

OK, let’s have fun!

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