– Monitoring
– Surround (I mean immersive)


– When you and your ears “know enough” to make the call … spend your $$$ or wise-choices power here ($3k guitar or killer speakers)
– Symmetry in studio design
– LEDE studio design (a possible approach … meaning reducing reflections behind the speakers)
– American vs. British speaker design
– Alt speaker sets (2nd pair, portable “Bose”, earbuds, laptop … yes, laptop speakers)
– Monitor levels (monitoring at low levels)
▪ Eliott
▪ Al
– listening from outside the room
– speaker level calibration (important)

▪ desert island albums: take copies of your fave songs/albums with you to listen over outside studio monitors. It will help you get your footing.

306p pricing

Avantone Pro CLA10 Passive Studio Monitor
Avantone Pro CLA10a Active Studio Monitors

result 6 pricing


– why immersive?

▪ it’s fun
▪ it teaches you a lot about production
▪ If you’re wanting to get into film, gaming or VR … you’ll have to.

– Speakers and speaker setup

– UA articles
Grammy P&E surround gudelines
– possible career in immersive

▪ mixing for music

▪ mixing for film

▪ mixing for games

▪ mixing for 360

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