David Miles Huber

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Introductory Instructions

downtown office number 206-685-0606
Read notice about building (bathroom # ????)
Union Deli open till 8
elevators will not let you back into the building after ?
Modern Recording Techniques
2018 course syllabus
UW Audio Production 2018-19 Facebook Page
Hours (6:00 – 9:00, except field trips [Studio outings] … which are 7:00 – 10:00)

1. Read through the syllabus

2. So who is this David Miles Huber, anyway?

Tell ‘em the story of me and what’s going on in my life

– transition from engineer to producer
– surround
– new phases in life

3. Go around the room with introductions and what they want to do

4. Tell ‘em the story of “e”

5. First things first – Getting Started in the Biz!

a. Self-motivation
b. Networking
c. Showing up is huge! (this is the biggie)

audio production life skills

leidenschaft & fun

• <<< BE YOURSELF >>>
• do your best
• (eventually if you work hard, it’ll be recognized)
• above all – be yourself
• don’t worry… just do your best in whatever you do
• hard work and commitment are often recognized in this biz


• no-one’s going to hand it to you
• highly competitive industry
• you’re going to have work for it
• if you can’t get it from someone else … you may have to create it yourself (you’r own biz, etc.)
• be a self-starter
• the spark comes from within
• “showing up is HUGE”
• become what you want to be?
• the best time to be a ____ is now!
• arise sir/dame _____? … you are now a ____?
• make letterheads
• business cards
• “live it” … but you have to “walk the walk”


• reach out to your community
• fewer options in Europe
• attend industry functions
• sniffing butt
• industry events
• conventions
• “showing up is HUGE!”

6. Some pointers

a. The time to start looking for a career/job is now!
b. Be a self-starter
c. Create a strong on-line presence (important)
• Biz cards
• Do the “biz” groundwork… LLC, etc.
• Learn basic HTML … You’ll be glad you did!
d. Find friends (sometimes they fall out of the sky, most times you have to develop the relationships)
e. Contact companies in your area that might be looking for interns…
f. Use your school counselors for intern placement
g. Write/visit/send resumes to companies/studios that interest you
• The worst thing “they” can do is say “No,” or “No, not right now.”
h. Visit them, hang out and see what they’re like.
i. The more than one school option
j. Pick the areas you want to live in (if that’s a factor)
k. Networking – Do you have any connections to these companies? Uncles, friends… anybody?
l. Important note: Never stop learning (not that you have any choice in the matter!)

7. Career Options

There are as many career options as there are people in this room…
Students often think they must be a recording engineer or producer or else they’ve failed. Truth is it’s not for everyone. If this turns out to be the case, you can use your talents and background to take on the career that best suits your temperament and desires:

• career paths: there are SO MANY career options in the audio biz
• closing & opening doors
a. The problem might not be you… It could be your situation, boss or any number of things.
b. It’s Ok if you change your mind about your career choice or present situation. Use examples of Pearl Bailey, Doors, Huber’s own experiences
• my story

8. Local Organizations

a. Grammy / Grammy U

b. AES NW chapter

9. Trade Magazines


• Sign up for free, or start a company and get an industry pro subcription.


• music producer

• film scoring engineer
• live sound reinforcement engineer
• live recording engineer
• sound designer

There are also countless other job types that might work for you, such as a:

• marketing person for an audio or record company
• equipment designer
• studio manager
• live sound tour manager
• acoustician or studio designer
• audio professor
• club manager
• music lawyer
• art designer
• sound installer for nightclubs, airports, homes, etc.
• DJ
• There’s a lot more…!

10. The Professional Studio

… The ever-changing face of the pro studio in the face of the modern digital age (this is the challenge)

Music Production

Audio-for-video/film Post-production


• Production
• Post-production
• Mixing
• Broadcast Post-Production
• The Professional Environment
• Pro Equipment
• Pro staff
• Acoustic Environment
• Optimized Mixing Environment
• Some studios offer larger acoustic rooms (string sessions, etc.)

11. The Project Studio

You don’t have to have a million dollar studio to make good music!

Choose your way of working (Whatever works for you)

• Often there’s no “ONE” tool for the job!
• Media choices (tape vs. digital, plug-ins vs. hardware)
• Software choices (a personal thing)
• PC vs. Mac
• Whatever works for you

12. Software

Reaper free
ProTools free
Cubase free

13. Plugins

MDA free
Universal audio uad2 – not free but powerful

14. Cost-effective approach

• The psychology of cost-effective choices
• Knowledge is power!
• The signed artist/superstar approach
• Use royalty advance to build studio
• Tax credits (depreciation… you can do this, too)
• Open as pro-studio


Lets talk about anything…

15. The Recording Process

a. Preparation
b. Budget
• Will you be using a producer
• Strictly music producer
• Music/Biz producer
• Studio costs
• Manufacture cost
• Tape/media costs
• Advertisement/brochures
• Logistics
c. When
d. What project studio/studio
e. Extra musicians?
f. Check out engineer beforehand


• Live recording (classical or modern techniques)
• A knowledge of classical techniques can be useful)
• All-in-one-pass modern session
• asic session (drums, guitar, piano, vocal)

16. Overdub

• Distant/close miking combinations
• Alternate environments

17. Mix

• Project studio
• Pro studio
• Listen in various playback environments
• To master or not to master… (or to self master)?

18. The Biz Part

• “THE” most important part is motivation, showing up & networking
• What are some biz experiences in the room?

19. women and minorities in the biz

Women’s Audio Mission
AES Diversity and Inclusion Committee

20. changing times

• my personal take on the history of the industry
• developments over time
• is the current state good for the industry as a whole?
• you have to be creative
• in business stratigies
• in music marketing and funding


Nile Rogers
Capitol Records
Sound City
Harry Potter Game

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