Recently, I wanted a new laptop that was capable of doing both USB-C and Thunderbolt (since I’m a Universal Audio user, this was my main reason). After lots of research, I ended up buying the HP Septre 360 13″ 2018 laptop, which has 2 USB-C/TB ports and 1 standard USB3 port. So far, so loving it …

Recently, on a trip to Berlin, I made the mistake of setting a BIG glass of sparkling water on my workdesk and, yes, I proceeded to knock it all over the table … spilling the water on my USB-C hub, USB hub and the side of my laptop …Bummer! One USB-C port that had nothing connected to it stopped working, and since there can be up 60 Watts of power on that connector, I knew that something blew and I was in the middle of learning a big lesson (rule #1: no water or food on the workdesk).

Even though I had one port still working, I was now facing the prospect of sending the laptop in for repair. However, taking the cue from one of my best buddies, I started to research the problem and found this article. The article directions said to power down and press the power button for 30 seconds This would reset all of the laptop ports … IT WORKED!

The moral of this story is that computer hardware is getting smarter and better at protecting itself, especially when up to 60W can be running through the cables. Do your research … if you do have a problem … It “might” be fixable with the touch of a button. Just remember … no water around a USB-C port!

David Miles Huber is a four-time Grammy-nominated producer and author of the industry-standard text “Modern Recording Techniques.” His latest music and collaborations can be heard at

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