DMH tech rider

David Miles Huber – “Creating a Zen-meets-Tech Experience”

Setup #1:
– center screen mirrors laptop “Ableton Live” screen
– side screens are mirrored feeds from the visualization computer (see below)
– stereo or quad playback

Setup #2:
– center screen either mirrors laptop “Ableton Live” screen or feeds from the visualization computer (see below)
– stereo playback

Visualization computer:
1. decent, modern Mac or PC
2. make sure that the Google Chrome browser is installed and working
3. connect to the internet (make sure you know the network name and password … and write it down for DMH)
4. make audio connection from board or DMH interface output to the computer input.
6. run
7. select input (mic icon at top right) give it any audio signal and see if the visualizations work.
8. connect visuals to projection screens and make sure the entire system works

DMH tech rider requirements:

1. center-stage, forward-facing performance table (roughly 2′ x 4′ in size)
2. good, well-grounded power feed 120/240V 50/60Hz to performance table
3. four powered full-range, high-quality speakers (hung or on stands at/above ear level)
4. speakers are to be in a quad arrangement (at four corners with stage being front-facing)
5. mains power to be provided to each speaker (well gaffed)
6. audio cables from each speaker to performance table (well gaffed, with 1/4″ trs balanced plugs at the table for interface connection)
7. no hardware mixer is needed (my/our audio system will handle all audio needs)
8. no stage monitoring is required (unless it’s hard or impossible to hear in the venue)
9. one center screen with projector (specs? ……)
10. two side screens with projectors (specs? ……)
11. visuals (specs? ……)

promotional assistance at the local level:

1. if an event poster file wasn’t provided, please request one of DMH
2. please post the poster(s) at the venue & around the logical traffic area
3. if an official social event link wasn’t created, please request one of DMH
4. please link or post event to venue social site
5. can radio, web or broadcast marketing be utilized?
8. let’s fill the room & have a PARTY!

How to Write a Band Technical Specification

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