Relaxation and Other Joys

In this day and age, the concept of relaxation has to be more of a conscious, active event. With media, travel and the fast pace of modern life vying for our attention, we must take it upon ourselves to sit back and take in the gentle pleasures of the slow life. This series is a collection of 30 minutes pieces which combine music with nature are designed to take the chill off of your day. Just put them on in the background and go about taking in any of the “other joys” that life has to offer.

As a musician in this age of streaming, where the artist gets practically nothing for there work, I’d truly appreciate your “following” me below on bandcamp, where the artist actually gets 85% of the proceeds. Here, you can download the tracks in mp3 of lossless flac, which you actually own and can be loaded into your computer, phone or steamed from the bandcamp app.

tags: #relax #relaxationmusic #chill #sleep #ambient #electronic #sauna #yoga #bath

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