The Plan

to do:

1. download dist sites
2. add to distrokid (at the proper time)
– all available projects
4. flac artwork
6. How to trademark your band or artist name
7. update ascap
8. sign onto soundexchange
10. patrion
11. pandora channel
12. musicbrainz (metadata)


Magic words:
– social responsibility
– strategic marketing

03/04/15: skype with Dom & Jeff

– meet with TJ Davis early in the next week


How Much (budget):

Total budget (in Euros)……………..150,000.00€ (breakdown available upon request)

Tech/production budget……………100,000.00€
Festival marketing/production……50,000.00€

How Many (Targeted Audience):

“Conservative” cost per view: 150,000.00€ ÷ 6,500,000 = 0.023€ which equals $170,000.00 ÷ 6,500,000 = $0.026


02/02/15: skype with Burgit
– 206-971-3605
– Basic initial budet breakdown
o 50k E for FOL operations
o 100k E for technik
– Talk with Donnie
o FOL is REALLY on board with us
o idea is to get starbucks in on the ground floor
o future FOL in Seattle

– Microsoft
o Grammy office 310-392-3777, Scott
o no luck with Dave Gross contact
o Contact MS Deutschland
– Native Instruments
o Daniel Haver, (sent 2/20/15)
– Ableton
o Olaf Bohn, (sent 2/20/15)
– Amazon
– CocaCola
– Tesla
o US marketing (sent 2/20/15)
o Deutschland
– Google
o Google Seattle, 651 N. 34th Street 206-876-1800
o Google Mountainview, ca 650-253-0000

*** Companies for Dom to contact ***
– Car2Go
o headquartered in Ulm, Deutschland (owned by Daimler … interesting)
– Adidas
– Red Bull
– Samsung


o not lookin’ too good at this point
3. Barco (–> projectors, Auro: post production) Belgium Government
6. BMW new I-car
11. Best Buy
12. Canon USA
15. Yahoo
16: zerodebug

– Auro Technologies
– Sony

– amazon
– tesla
– Car2Go
– Google
– Samsung
– Adidas
– Coca Cola (right by nhow)
– Red Bull
– Yahoo
– nike
– starbucks
– Panasonic (ELS)
– Talk to Steffo
– Talk with Jeff
– contact Leon re web presence (and can they handle the bandwidth, youtube FOL Channel … Budget)
*** Needed for Burgit: preferred requirements for mapper … it’s a competition, they need to know what the parameters are ***

total budget (in Euros)…….150,000.00

technik budget…………….100,000.00
FOL operations……………..50,000.00

– Hotel/studio…………….0.00
– Artist………………….10,000.00 Euros (or whatever at this point)
– Production Manager……….10,000.00 Euros (or whatever at this point)
– Plan A projectors………..?.??
– Plan Z projectors………..?.??
– mapping wrangling time……?.??
– support equipment/scaffold..?.??
– RGB LED Lighting…………?.?? (Ferenc Zsiga,
– Speakers………………..?.?? (contact Kerstin at Eve or JBL)
– Web (Skyroom Live – Leon)…?.??
– radio station/web………..0.00
– Marketing……………….barter via FOL?

02/01/15: notes with Dom about skype with Burgit
(we want you to be part of the process, however, it’s taken time to figure where we are)
1. outline where we are …
– Changes in initial group largely due to health reasons (Bob & Jeff)
– Dominik and I have been working hard and have saved the project
– This is where we are:
o Artist and Hotel space, hotel support secured
o technical planning in process
o looking for various sponsorship possibilities
oo We currently have Auro Technologies on board
oo early contacts with Amazon
oo confident that we can raise further funding after April
oo Audio Production companies in Berlin
– other possible options
o are there projection artists/projectors that currently work with FOL that might be interested?
oo Note: One idea is to openly ask local (Deutsche/euro) projection mappers to compete and participate
ooo DMH will be performing Chamberland (8 colors) … interesting marketing opportunity
oo rental reduction from Barco on projectors
o current FOL sponsor funding (split between various sponsors)
o RBB cooperation for broadcast

02/01/15: Meeting with Dom
01/31/15: skype with Anu
– get multiple sponsors in the audio industry in Berlin (split the sponsorship)
– sponsors built into FOL
– possible doners:
o auro Technologies
o ableton (Bohn)
o NI (Daniel & Carmen)
o Eve (lady at Eve)
– Equipment needs
o projectors
o interior lighting
o speakers
o web/documentation (?)
– FOL Contribution
o can we find a mapper who’s already working with the FOL?
o This is something that would be completely new to the FOL experience
o existing FOL sponsor funding (those who already help fund the FOL?)
o Oberbaum Brucke to be lit
01/30/15: skype with PCM
– 4 projectors, maybe more
– get mapping artists to participate

01/16/15: Meeting with Dom
– Tuesday talk with Tina
o she already said no problem with Barco
o Mollywood
o 30 min, 45 min or 1 hour documentary (Bluray release for Auro)
o shot by Belgian Crew
o mixed in Auro for documentary
o sponsors now are Barco, Auro, Belgian Gov & FOL
– continue to look for new sponsors
o starbucks
o amazon
o tesla
o (to Alan & PCM) don’t want to miss sponsor opportunities, do you any any leads or thoughts)
– Geanluigi … art house preformance
– Dom will send me ppt
– Dave will make into fol2
– nhow in on board
o talk & FOL/FOL2 proposal with Alex
o Martin is on-board with the studio
o rbb “IS” part of the FOL

12/30/14: Meeting with Dom
– Dom has charge of FOL2
– email Donnie about Starbucks Corporate Responsibilities (place email here)
– hotel should sponsor (it’s an easy thing for them … paying is no option)
– Auro/Barco/Car
— contact Tina (marketing at ?)
– 1 hour documentary
– Brux video shoot at my studio
– video shoot at nhow/berlin/room
– contact Martin with Amazon (meeting when I get back)
— burgit (someone with FOL can help us light up nhow)
— hotel (marketing etc)
— radio station (dom is on it)
– contact Burgit re sponsors
– contact PCM re sponsors
– can Dom try to get a Samsung contact
– get soniboom email addresses
12/23/14: Meeting with Dom
– We compose a mail to Alex. Dave sends it
–> Dave will arrive at the 1.04.15 –> Meeting with Alex in Berlin or Wien
3 weeks Berlin + 3 weeks also in Wien + 3 weeks again Berlin
(–> when is the earliest convenience for Alex?)
– Martin (Amazon) follow up letter from Dave (he is probably in Hawaii for christmas. Dave
comes back on the 15th of january)

B+ List:
– Apple

B- List:

– Canon

12/18/14: Meeting with Dom
– Jack
Hi David
Sorry about my availability.. December is beyond busy for us.. We have 6 installations running nightly with all of them needing a New Year’s eve element.
To speed up the process, please outline the broad strokes of how much content you want us to provide, which facades and what equipment you would like us to provide for the project?
I looked at the building and if we feel projection on the three font facades would be a good bases to start from. For this we will need a total of 14 x 20,000 lumen projectors.. so I would ballpark the cost for the video equipment and crew (excluding audio) for a 4 night event to be $260k to $300k this will also exclude travel and accommodation. The content is harder to judge.. For long format, the range would be as wide as $500 to $10,000 per minute depending on how crazy you want it to be.. we can always back into a number if you have a budgeted number for content.
Let me know your thoughts?
Jack Hattingh
713 589-5418
skype jackmm3d
– Draft letter to Jack/Alan
– 2 nights/2 performances (1 hour each … start at 9pm-12)
– moderately crazy (show us an example of what this might mean)
– light the three facades and building strip above the windows
– 1st floor terrace (automated lights … probably not projection)
– river terrace
– best guess would be $250,000 – $500,000
– marketing by FOL, radio (RBB) & hotel
– PCM production cost
– Soniboom production costs ($25k @)
– hotel accommodations
– hotel costs
– start talking to Matty
– start talking to Auro3D (for movie house distribution)
– flight travel ($1500 @ person)
– When would PCM come … how does the site preparation go?)
– get backing from Barco (is this possible?)
– PCM’s visual source material
— 1 hour performance (DMH doesn’t want visual control, would rather PCM have a semi-improvised script … HAVE FUN!)
— it’s all about motion, contract and color
12/09/14: Meeting with Dom
– rework logo
– working on sales pitch pdf (Dom’s work)
– Starbucks and Auro/Barco working as a team?
– Amazon and Auro/Barco working as a team?
– is there any way in hell to skype with Wilfried?
– Kathleeen (nhow event coordinator)
– Schedule time with Wilfried … “THE CAR” (secretary)
– Matt Skeritt
– the budget (talk at PCM by 16th – needs to be done by) email to PCM (Jack) about budget (on talk next tuesday)
— the hotel
— equipment (Barco)
— PCM’S budget
— lodging (nhow – presidential suite for jack/alan and afterparty)

– I would like to talk to “Howie” by ??? (soon)
– (done) put PCM onto FOL page
12/06/14: Outline PDF for Alex (by Tuesday 9th w. personal note from Dave) and info on hotel for PCM.
12/05/14: Wilfied:
You might remember from our talk at the Mexican restaurant in LA, that I’m working on a project that
involves projection mapping of a major music hotel in Berlin http://www.nhow- for the Festival of Lights in Berlin Oct 2015
Things are going very well with the project and we now have a
projection mapper team that is amazing to compliment my music
In short, we’re beginning the fund-raising process and have direct ties to the owner of Starbucks … BUT
… I’d like to entertain the idea of approaching the car manufacturer for the Auro3D in-car system.
This project is good enough and serious enough, that I’d REALLY appreciate an introduction to the
marketing department at (is it BMW or Mercedes?) … If we could get the car company, Barco (loan of
projectors, etc) and Auro all together to help roll out the car (depending upon their time schedule) … it
would be a perfect (and rather major) marketing marriage, as most of us have barco/Auro connections
anyway (Point Cloud Media, the projection mappers) also have connections with Barco and have been to
Let me know and all the best during the holiday seasons … “HI” to all at Galaxy! Dave Huber
12/02/14: Letter to Birgit
It’s time that we check in with you about our FOL 2015 progress. Well, we started off in October by
losing our projection mapper here to a major project for Chevrolet, while he was (and is) in the middle
of major psychological problems. Needless to say that the organization fell apart (Jeff left the team at
the first sign of trouble).
The next part of the story revolves around Dominik in Berlin. He basically kept saying “Dave, the idea is
too good to let go! So … with a lot of hard work and drive from Dominik and I, we now have a new
projection mapper team out of Dallas, Texas – Cloud Point Media Their work is fantastic, full of fun,
humor and high-professionalism.
Regarding funding, we still have our direct connection to Starbucks (literally, the owner) and I’ll be
meeting with Amazon over the next few weeks. There is also the possibility of working with a major
European car manufacturer (too early to say, but there are a lot of people & technology connections
that make it highly viable) … we’ll keep you posted. So, as you can see … there are options. If you have
funding connections/ideas, please let us know.
That’s our story, so far … and we’re doing quite well. We’ll be giving you updates and I’ll be back in
Berlin April 1st for several months, so we can meet and talk then.
Alles gute, Dave & Dominik
12/02/14: skype with Dom and Alan Demifiles
Hey Dave,
I´m excited for the Skype call today 🙂 I think we should leave a great first impression. So what do you think about structuring the things we want to say to avoid like pauses and stuff?
Just as a try: (overall goal: nice & easy first introduction with good feelings towards this project)
1. Introduction of the Team
(Hi I´m Dave, grammy nominated epic boule playing dude from Seattle) – (Hi I´m Dominik young entrepreneur in event management from Berlin and Stage Manager at the Music &
Lifestyle Hotel nhow Berlin (Yes, I have that title now 😉
– previous and current part of the team: DONNIE/BOB/JEFF/Birgit –> to clear the overall picture and give a serious first impression
2. Quick description of the vision. What do we want to do? (1. FOL 2015 – 2. The world 😉
3. Things that need to be done:
– Find mapper (that is why you contacted them)
– Funding/Sponsor (starbucks, Amazon)
– build budget (what kind of info can we get to you)
– Location (nhow Berlin clear because of the head of Germany and Eastern Europe Alex Dürr)
4. What does Alan/Jack think of that? What are their requirements? Where can we work together? Are there ways so they can benefit us with contacts or anything else?
What do you think? Let me know and Ill be online from 5.30pm on.
All the best dude
12/02/14: David re: car
Interesting that Christoph is the only game there is … I’ll keep pressing on.
Yeah, the “sonic Highways” Rockumentary is giving Seattle even more traction. Starbucks, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Boeing, ect … and now rock history hotbed. Quite the pedigree for such a small town.
AND NOW … I have a question for you. Dominik (a partner in Berlin) and I are in the process of resurrecting the projection mapping projects (starting with the Festival of lights Berlin in October 2015 … It’s a BIG deal and we’re looking for sponsorship. I literally have good connections to the owner of Starbucks, will be getting introductions to the powers at Amazon .. BUT … the hotel in Berlin would be perfect for rolling out the idea of the Auro car (I forgot which manufacturer) … Getting Auro in the mix would be very logical, as we could use Barco projectors, transmit in auro headphone technology … you get the idea. Please take a look at the link above. If Wilfried would be willing to introduce us to those powers that be … it might work well for everyone. The main question being … Does October 2015 work with the Auro car rollout. Can you ask Wilfried about this matter?
Any help would be appreciated.
Happy holidays and hugs,
Others things:
– What might be the budget? (projectors, etc)
– What are the technical requirements?
11/26/14: steffo
– fill him in
– need killer kontakt at amazon
11/26/14: afpwashington
11/26/14: Burgit
– send email
– Dom follow-up
11/17/14: Letter to MS
11/17/14: Letter to Brett
– what are the costs
11/21/14: Letter to Donnie
Donnie: I hope you don’t mind my asking you a few questions, as Dominik (in Berlin) and I are continuing on with the project.
1. We “might” have found a projection mapper for larger projects … … His style fits with the overall concept
2. We live in one of the tech money hubs of the world … MS, Adobe, Google, Starbucks. I’m looking to contact the Association of Fundraising Professional in WA … the
project might be too big for them (?) … but it’s worth a try. Any thoughts on fundraising?
3. I hate to ask this, but is there any way to get the attention of Starbucks … “IF” we get our ducks properly in a row?
If you’re confortable volunteering info and/or help, that would be much appreciated … If not, I totally
understand. Dave
11/21/14: “professional fundraiser in seattle
11/18/14: Meeting with Dom
– make a clear statement of “THE WHY” (place at header of mapping and in letter)
– make a list of all of the mappers and place it on this page
Microsoft Natural Interaction Research Group
lumenous (brett Jones)
– – (brett Jones)
– – Go2 Productions – Vancouver … These guys are a little more corporate event based, but have pulled off large scale mappings before.
– – Leviathan – Chicago … They did work on Amon Tobin.
– – Obscura Digital – San Francisco … (The big boys)
– – VYV – Toronto … Miley Cyrus World Tour (but I won’t hold that against them)
– – Urban Screen – Bremen, Germany … Lots of big building mappings
– –
– –
– –
– –
– – Jack Hattingh and Alan Demafiles of PointCloud Media (I’m liking these guys)
– – –
– – Genius Loci Weimar Fassadenprojektionsfestival
– – –
– make a letter stating our situation (Berlin FOL, need for a mapper and fund raiser or ways of raising funds)
– $$$: meet with Steffo (fund raiser, sponsorship)
– $$$: Auro Technologies/Barco … write to David about possible sponsorship with car (movie) … Is the timing right?
– $$$: talk to Donnie about Starbucks
– $$$: Acura/W Hotels, ELS (?)
– $$$: Microsoft
– $$$: Adobe
– $$$: Starbucks
– $$$: Google
– $$$: Amazon
– $$$: Samsung
– Do any mappers have connections to corporations/fund raisers
– Herba Matte
– How do we secure the hotel? (Alex Dure is the head of Deutschland … “Regional Operations Central Europe” … done deal and helps with Burgit!)

Jeff: Given that I have not heard from you, I have to assume that you are busy working with your various projects during this busy season. I’d like to take this time out to thank you so very much for all your help and support throughout the various stages of the project. I’d also like to inform you that Dominik and I have vowed to move forward with our future projection mapping and performance strategies. We’re now beginning the task of looking for mapping and fund-raising team entities. In short, Dom and I are working hard to build a system for pulling this and future projects off on our own … Wish us luck!
If, at any time in the future, things change and if you see an opportunity that might involve my/our services … please let us know. Happy Holidays! Dave
From: []
Sent: Monday, November 17, 2014 4:08 PM
Subject: Re: projection projects
Thanks Dave, got stuck in the DR. Back UN the state’s now. I have some copies of Chsmberland I will return. Good luck, sorry it didn’t work out.
Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE device
Donnie: It seems that both Jeff and Bob have gone radio silent as of late. Jeff said that he might contact me today (Saturday) … We’ll see.
I’m just writing this to see what your interest is in continuing with the projection mapping series of projects. My buddy Dominik & I have vowed to continue pressing ahead with the overall concept.
If you do have an interest, let’s talk very soon, just to touch base and communicate. If you do not wish to continue, please let me know. Don’t think for a second that I hold any ill will … on the contrary, you were magnificent in bringing such a group together to create art. For that, I’ll be ever grateful.
I look forward to your simple response. Dave
From: Don Myers [mailto:donnie@studio****.com]
Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2014 9:06 AM
To: ‘David Miles Huber’
Subject: RE: projection mapping
good morning buddy, I don’t know what’s going on with either of them, so sorry that it’s not working out for you, I don’t know who Dominik is, if there is any way for to be of service let me know, blessings, d
Donnie: Thanks for the quick response. Like I said, I REALLY appreciate all that you have done. All I wanted to do was give you a chance to voice your intentions (which you have done). I don’t feel bad at all … in fact, you allowed me to see what is possible. Like I said, I’m very grateful for that.
Dominik is a young, energetic, capable and amazing Berliner who is perhaps the most positive person I’ve ever met … one who I’d be honored to work with at any level.
Once I hear from Jeff, regarding his intentions … then we can continue with future plans.
This has been, for the most part, a very positive and growing experience … Thank you so much, buddy! Dave
From: Don Myers [mailto:donnie@studio****.com]
Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2014 9:49 AM
To: ‘David Miles Huber’
Subject: RE: projection mapping
always know that I believe in you, that is why I pulled these guys in
11/10/14: Meeting with Dom
– dealine for getting things back in gear is 4/01/15
– contact David Walstra re: Auro car
– Hotels (Hotel W, NH)
– Pool
– *** We’re in need of a fund raiser ***
– Grants?
– Talk with Matts about funding in Europe
– *** We’re in need of a mapper ***
– discussion regarding set length (1:15). Could get another musician (Issac) – or – run the system in semi-automatic mode”
11/01/14: Dom is in track with me … Looking at “soniboom” as one possible working name
10/24/14: Jeff shows reservations, but wants to make sure what Bob’s intentions are.
10/21/14: Bob backs out of the team for personal and professional reasons
9/23/14: Distrokid: successfully added Parallax Eden (The Original Mixes)
9/23/14: Distrokid: successfully added Parallax Eden (The Tranquility Mixes) live: itunes,
9/23/14: Distrokid: successfully added Chamberland (The Berlin Remixes) live: itunes,
9/23/14: Distrokid: successfully added Chamberland (The Original Mixes) live: itunes,
9/23/14: Distrokid: successfully added Chamberland (The Chill Mixes)
David Miles Huber
Dance/Alternative/New Age
Chamberland (The Berlin Remixes)
Chamberland (The Original Mixes)
Chamberland (The Chill Mixes)
(example) Emerald (Chamberland Chill Mixes)
9/22/14: Met with Jeff in the studio
8/10/14: contacted Rick Lepore with Rainbo Records about getting the CBR vinyl metal masters back (answer: We generally keep them for five years. If there is no activity after 5 years then we return them. If you think it may be longer than that before you need them then let me know and we’ll send the parts back.)
8/6/14: began production on gama in berlin
8/4/14: Emailed Wilfried at Galaxy (requested a meeting)
8/3/14: 01_pbr_innerbase session is produced and ready for mixing
8/1/14: DMH in Berlin
7/30/14: ***important*** first official meeting of EMC.2 with all members present
7/28/14: added chamberland 5.1 DTS-CD to bandcamp
7/28/14: ***important*** all CL and PE mixes (except PBR) are completed
7/28/14: Parallax Eden 51 mixes (+3sec) finished and flac encoded
7/24/14: ordered 1000 stickers
7/21/14: all chamberlands on-line & updated on bandcamp
7/21/14: chamberland chill on bandcamp (chamberlands are now finished and on-line)
7/18/14: Stereo chill mixes of chamberland finished
7:18/14: ***important*** cancellation request on all cdbaby items was made (takes up to 30 days to go through)
7/15/14: Grammy OEP is completed and shipped via USPS (confirmed as received by Sean)
7/15/14: CBR 5.1 is now for sale on bandcamp
7/15/14: replaced CBR 2.0 files on bandcamp
7/15/14: new CD media rates – 2.0 = $10, 5.1 = $20, shipping – US = $5, World = $10 (ships in 3 days)
7/15/14: putting 2.0, 5.1 dts-cd & 5.1 flac CBR online
7/15/14: burning dts-cds
7/13/14: Online Entry Process is for recordings commercially released from Oct. 1, 2013 through Sept. 30, 2014
– FIRST ROUND: JULY 1 – 23, 2014 (October 2013-July 2014 releases)
– FINAL ROUND: AUGUST 13 – 27, 2014 (August & September releases)
7/11/14: Cancelled all cd baby listings
7/11/14: signed up for distrokid
7/11/14: tranquility 51 mixes (+3sec) finished and flac encoded
7/11/14: tranquility 20 mixes finished
7/11/14: CBR DTS-CD discs arrived
7/11/14: chamberland_chill 51 mixes (+3sec) finished and flac encoded
7/11/14: chamberland 51 mixes (+3sec) finished and flac encoded

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