Parallax Eden …

Choose your Mood … available in various flavors (dance/original/chill) and in various formats.
NEW … Now available in Hi-Res 2.0 and 5.1 FLAC!

Parallax Eden (Chill Mix)

OR … You can have them all on the latest 2.0/5.1/9.1 Auro3D bluray disc!

Parallax Eden Bluray reviews:

As mentioned in its description, this release comes in three flavours, with four listening options (stereo Chill, stereo Berlin remix. 5.1 Berlin remix and 9.1 Auro 3D* Original mix). Last night I listened to the 5.1 Berlin mix and I was hooked within 30 seconds. So much so in fact, I got up, switched the lights off and went to that special place where there is no spoon i.e. the moment. DMH has been nominated for 4 separate Grammy’s for best multichannel mix, and if the rest of his music is like this, then goodness knows why he hasn’t won at least once because the surround mix is superb!

I then played the stereo Chill mix, which is more or less the same album, but without the uptempo grooves and I loved it just as much. I should add this album is perfect for late night listening because even the full-fat version is a long way away from what could be called club rave tempo; I dare say, it’s probably best described as chilltronica.

If you like electronic music and like to relax late at night, this is the one to buy…especially if you have a surround sound setup!

5.0 out of 5 stars. Like getting 2 albums for price of 1, with different codecs come different track mixes. ALL sound amazing in hifi setup!

Amazing sounding cool mixes, really rock my LFE and make all my 7 channels (I upmix from 5.1) sound full range. Also uses the back channels aggressively, but NOT gimmicky, which I like. Very cool bluray for audio and nice slip cover. Also love that it comes with different layer of PCM OR DTS-HD OR lossless 96/24 stereo…and there’s different song versions/remixes on different codecs! Never seen that before, very cool! I think PCM track with original album is best IMO however.

The Aura 3-D sound on this disc is awesome!

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