Parallax Eden Original Mix

parallax eden is a project that transports the listener to a new place, where downtempo beats are crafted with uptempo grooves in imaginative ways that are both tranquil and energizing. It’s a unique project in that the complex groove patterns intertwine in unique and contemplative ways.

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innerbase (11:35): combines the textures of intricate loops, deep basslines and triphop vocals with the chilled backvibe of an asian bamboo flute… sambuca on the beach with a grenadine sunset

renaissance (10:46): glitchhop loops meets gritty indonesian flute chill… all layered on top of a relaxing stream and spring birds… perfect served chilled or over ice

serenitatis (16:00): a complex, glitchy set of percussion tracks that combines with luscious flute and vocal tracks to transport you away to a land that’s filled with frogs and forest leaves… lay back and feel the breeze

lunacy (13:45): a funky “get-down” track that counterpoints a “wah-wah” quitar against the lines of a savy-synth… the ocean waves call you shake it on the beach, just before the sun goes down… pass the mamosas, please?

tranquility (12:35): nasa-meets-chill tech… the “entire” apollo 11 landing is framed against glitch-hop beats and a deep bass that interprets the first lunar landing in a whole new light… fine gin with a whole new twist

12.02.2010 – the Parallax Eden DTS surround CD has been nominated for a Grammy in the 5.1 surround sound category!

• Parallax Eden

David Miles Huber, surround mix engineer; David Miles Huber, surround mastering engineer; David Miles Huber, surround producer: David Miles Huber


there’s a lot of emotion behind his music… it’s not sterile; kzam radio, (san jose)

love it. The mixes are fantastic. I must admit that I really got into the music so I kind of took my technical hat off and went on the musical journey – anthony casuccio, extreme audio mastering, (albany, NY)

Overall an effort – can definitely tell this is the next step (or giant leap) forward from Colabs. Listening to this now on the musiczeit site – noted the phrase tranquil and energizing in the footer – and from the first track I think that’s on the money. Nice work … H3,, (LA)

LOVE the Parallax Eden tunes on your website. I’ve been listening to ponyplay live set #2 all day. AWESOME!!! … a fan

Parallex Eden is a study in minimal relaxed electronic instrumental music that become more and more compelling with every listen. This music plays very subtly at first, and grows in complexity as the listener progress’s through the DVD. David Miles Huber has reached the very difficult balance between simplicity and complexity with these 5 pieces of music. Filled with sparse interesting percussion and earthly natural sounds, his music has a very native feel, but just when that feeling moves you, he brings it over to a more urban feel with the mix of some of today’s Hip Hop soul flavors.

It can be hard to understand why having space in music is necessary until you hear it done well. David Miles Huber has mastered this balance and not only made it a truly enjoyable unique listening experience, but has brought it to you from all sides of the listening spectrum! Parallax Eden is a serious mature offering from a talented musician/producer, and the fact that his music surrounds us all is just an added bonus … Andy Schoen,

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project info:


Parallax Eden (Orig Mix)
Uploaded: June 27, 2018
Release date: July 1, 2010

DK UPC: 193537114606

Innerbase (Orig Mix)
Renaissance (Orig Mix)
Serenitatis (Orig Mix)
Lunacy (Orig Mix)
Tranquility (Orig Mix)

ISRC: QZES61868277
ISRC: QZES61868278
ISRC: QZES61868279
ISRC: QZES61868280
ISRC: QZES61868281

Song Credits:

Music: David Miles Huber
Engineer: David Miles Huber
Mastering: David Miles Huber and Emiliano Caballero Fraccaroli
Additional engineer: Emiliano Caballero Fraccaroli
Additional engineer: Brux Callison
Additional engineer: Sterling Huber
Recording: Recorded in Seattle/WA/USA and Berlin/Deutschland
Mixing: Mixed in Seattle/WA/USA and at Galaxy Studios/Mol/Belgium
lunar landing dialog courtesy of the national aeronautics and space administration

Thank you:
Daniel Eric Butler (my husband, partner and best friend)
nhow Hotel and the folks at Soundfloor, Berlin
Dominik Trampf, Berlin
Everyone at Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium
Steinberg Media Technologies Gmbh (studio DAW – Nuendo)
Ableton AG (performance DAW – Live)
Universal Audio Inc. (powered DAW audio plug-ins)
PMC Speakers (professional studio monitors)
Steven Slate Audio Inc. (touch video monitors)
Zerodebug (TouchAble performance/studio application for the iPad)

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Parallax Eden Bluray review:

As mentioned in its description, this release comes in three flavours, with four listening options (stereo Chill, stereo Berlin remix. 5.1 Berlin remix and 9.1 Auro 3D* Original mix). Last night I listened to the 5.1 Berlin mix and I was hooked within 30 seconds. So much so in fact, I got up, switched the lights off and went to that special place where there is no spoon i.e. the moment. DMH has been nominated for 4 separate Grammy’s for best multichannel mix, and if the rest of his music is like this, then goodness knows why he hasn’t won at least once because the surround mix is superb!

I then played the stereo Chill mix, which is more or less the same album, but without the uptempo grooves and I loved it just as much. I should add this album is perfect for late night listening because even the full-fat version is a long way away from what could be called club rave tempo; I dare say, it’s probably best described as chilltronica.

If you like electronic music and like to relax late at night, this is the one to buy…especially if you have a surround sound setup!

* If the appropriate hardware isn’t in place, the BDA outputs a 5.1 fold-down version of the 9.1 mix to make it compatible, so you don’t need an Auro 3D capable AVR to hear the Original mix in surround sound; albeit, in 5.1 instead of 9.1 surround sound.

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