Whenever I’m in Berlin, I always go onto Kindle and download a good music industry-related autobiography for the u-bahn trips across town. Being a friend of Al’s and knowing that his book “On the Record” finally made it onto Kindle … I had to give it a spin.

At the beginning was the usual background info on his early beginnings into the recording studio and the music biz. This not only gives us a glimpse into the world of the early stages of music production, but Al brings it all to life by introducing us to his early musical and production mentors and how they instilled in him the foundations that make up his personal work ethic.

As we walk with him through his mid-life journey at RCA Records in LA and his work with the Jefferson Airplane, Sam Cooke and countless other artists, he begins to go much further. Now, he begins to move past the technology (which he goes into with just the right amount of depth) and into his relationships with his closest friends, clients and co-workers within the biz.

It was towards the end of the book that he goes into detail about his closest friendships and artists that he worked with from his beginnings at Capitol Records in Hollywood to the present-day. I truly loved the fact that he is open to sharing his production secrets (actually, he doesn’t keep things secret, preferring to pass them on to others and to the next generation) adding his own insights, style and choice of tools and toys in the studio.

The next highlight was his openness to talking about his dealings with sobriety and matters relating to personal relationships. Dealing with these topics don’t often come easy for those who are in the arts and are so dedicated to their work. It’s often their personal life that suffers … to those, he offers up guiding tips as to how he navigated (and continues to navigate) the more difficult waters in his own life. This is what a really good read is made of.

Lastly, knowing his collaborator, Maureen Droney (an excellent engineer/producer in her own right) … I have to believe that she also helped to bring the story to life … In my mind, I could hear her asking the questions and guiding Al in a way that help to make it the awesome book that it is.

For anyone who is interested in pursuing a life in the music industry … I would not only recommend this book, I’d say that it should be required reading. Having it all down on paper will ensure that his personal experiences, insights and his approach to his art will continue to touch present and future generations.

David Miles Huber is a four-time Grammy-nominated producer and author of the industry-standard text “Modern Recording Techniques.” His latest music and collaborations can be heard at davidmileshuber.com.

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