Last night was my “kick-off” performance for Chamberland: The Berlin Remixes at NHOW Berlin. WOW, did we have fun! A lot of friends and new folks from the American and Deutsch side of the pond showed up and had drinks, good talks and a hell of a lot of fun. A very nice music promoter from Sweden asked: Does it bother you that people are talking and having fun while your performing? … To which I said, “not at all … it’s really fun to bring people together, to introduce folks to new people and help them to have fun!” I think when it comes to live performance, that’s my primary goal, to help the crowd have a deep, happy and happening experience.

By the way, here’s the entire performance … enjoy!

I’d also like to thank the entire staff at NHOW for being top-notch and really wonderful people … My first and foremost thanks goes to Dominik Trampf … He’s not only a pro, he a caring, invaluable gem and a real friend!

For those of you who’ll be in Berlin, I’ll be “kicking off” my September Kickstarter campaign for “chamberland: the berlin remixes” at NHOW Hotel Berlin on Tuesday, September 3rd at 10PM in the main lobby. For those of you who don’t know, NHOW is one of the premier music hotels in Berlin (just watch the video below and prepare to be amazed!). Show up for drinks, music and friends in an incredible art setting just off the Spree river. You’ll be glad you did!

who: Grammy nominated electronic music artist David Miles Huber
what: Performing “chamberland: the berin remixes to “kick off” his first Kickstarter campaign
where: nhow Berlin, Stralauer Allee 3, 10245 Berlin in the main lobby
when: Tuesday, Sept 3rd at 10pm

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