nhow Club

The nhow Club constitutes a relationship between nhow Hotel Berlin, Native Instruments (NI) Artist Relations (Berlin/US) and Ableton Artist Relations (Berlin/US), whereby special gold-colored cards are distributed to extremely high-profile artists that are associated with the above companies to book and have full use of the nhow Hotel Studio facilities.

– Book either Studio 1 or Studio 2 (one month or more advance booking)
– Premium hotel rooms (located above studio) will be provided to the artist at the accommodation rate of 100 Euros/day
– nhow Hotels will be able to promote the artist’s presence and possibly host special events relating to the artist’s music.


We are proposing that the studio soundfloor have a staff of 3.

1. Martin Skibba will act as “Studio Manager”, being in charge of booking, general technical issues and day-to-day workings of the facilities.
2. Dominik Trampf will act as “Artist Relations Manager”. In addition to his duties as Stage Manager, he will act as a liaison between the artist and hotel for any specific needs that arise in the day-to-day workings of the facilities.
3. David Miles Huber will act as as a behind-the-scenes adviser for the facility, helping to keep relations between the various companies and the hotel on track, vetting new artists, ensuring that studio standards are maintained and keeping the lines of communication between the hotel, NI and Abelton open … With his experience in the industry as a 4X Grammy-nominated artist in the electronic field, respected author on industry-standard books and (most importantly) his vast connections within the industry, his association with the nhow Club will be invaluable.

Technical Staffing:

The nhow Hotel studio facilities will be technically staffed (with no cost to the hotel) by specially-selected “Certified Trainers” from around the world. These individuals will come to Berlin for a period of 3 months, acting as technical support for the artists in residence. This will provide on-the-job training for these trainers at the highest-level and will be of huge benefit to the studio facilities (as well as allowing the trainers to be near NI and Ableton world headquarters).

Abelton Certified Training
Official NI Education Partners

A Note on Professionalism:

The caliber of artist who belong to the nhow Club will (or should) expect a high degree of professionalism from the studio, certified trainer and hotel staff. A high level of professionalism will be extremely important to the success of this project.


In addition to the existing equipment within the studio, both NI and Ableton agree to supply nhow Studios with the latest in electronic music equipment from both companies, so as to showcase these toys to their nhow Club artists.


Membership in the nhow club is a privilege. It can have a time limitation on it, or failure to use the facilities within a 2 year period “could” result in suspension … these ideas will come in time. However, misuse of the facilities, hotel facilities and/or inappropriate behavior “will result in immediate suspension” of club and hotel privileges … no matter who the artist, producer or associated friend is … period.

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