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Why You’re Not Getting Paid The Streaming Money You Earned (And How To Get It) | SF MusicTech 2014

How much do musicians get paid per stream on Spotify?


Top 10 tips
1. What is it that you want the audience to do?
a. Check out the site, listen to a track and buy the album
2. I’d like them to buy the project for $??
a. Goal of 100 copies
3. What do I have that’s shareable?
a. site page
b. Share on Facebook
c. release video on youtube
d. release video on the site
4. release the shareable everywhere
a. facebook
b. facebook banners
5. Make an “about” video for Raven
a. Send them in the video to where they need to go
6. Facebook ad promoting the project
a. $? a day
b. Demographics (check out the demographics on my site)
7. The power of one
a. Contact people directly
b. Contact site managers
c. Get music on vlogs, blogs and related sites
8. Do the grunt work
a. Power is in the time it takes to do the work
b. Research and then reach out
9. The giveaway
10. Unspammy shares
a. Where do fans of ??? music hang out
b. Do it without being obnoxious
11. Radio
a. Get the music onto radio
b. Progressive college
c. alternative
12. don’t be afraid … spend 2 hours, 3 times a week
a. can’t rely on one good thing
13. Get out and play the songs
14. Do the work!

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