DMH Mixing and Mastering

– Set UR816C 5.1.4 out levels to -15 dB

– Set Nuendo 5.1.4 monitor out levels to -7.5 dB

– Place melonsoft soundmeter to the left of keyboard and monitor at around 70 dB SLP

– Nuendo mastering chain

Here is the basic layout of my mastering chain:

1. Steinberg tube compressor: I don’t quite know why, but tubecompressor makes everything sound better and fuller. I use it very lightly, having little or no compression.

2. Steinberg multiband compressor: Here, the low and low mid bands are turned off, the hi-mid and high bands are used to add a bit of sparkle, while adding a bit of compression in these bands to reduce sharpness.

3. Noveltech Character: This is my end-all weapon for bringing tracks and buses to life.

4. Steinberg Magneto 2: Probably my fave magnetic tape plugin. Adds a degree of fullness and warmth to a bus.

5. Steinberg Limiter: The best limiter that I know of. Taps the bus at about -1 to -1.5 dB.

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