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DMH Marketing

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DMH Music Store

The full catalog of remastered DMH 24/96 5.1 FLAC downloads are now available on Bandcamp. Several of these are Grammy-nominated. I’ve found Bandcamp to be the best platform for supporting artists, as we get 85% for digital, 90% for merch. (immersive music) (surround sound) (Spatial Audio in VR/AR/MR) (Spatial Audio Designers) (Music 5.1)
*** to be posted*** (Official Audio Engineering Society Discussion Group)
*** to be posted*** (Audiophiles On A Budget)
*** to be posted*** (Ambisonic, Binaural, Stereo & Surround Sound Production)
*** to be posted*** (Quadraphonic And Surround Sound Audio)
*** to be posted*** (Audiophiles – North America)
*** to be posted*** (Home Theater Enthusiasts) (The Audiophile Group) (HI END Sound & Surround Group – 11,959 Members)

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