When: Thursday, September 19 at 20:00

Warschauerstr 70A
10243 – Berlin
+49 30 2935 2426
Limited to 30 people … so contact KMR to reserve your place

On September 19th at 20:00, DMH will be doing a free “behind-the-scenes” talk about and mini performance of his Grammy-nominated “chamberland” and “chamberland: the berlin remixes“. This project has gone through numerous technological and performance stages in ways that make it quite unique. We hope you’ll join us, as we journey through the details of a project that has its roots in Berlin, Seattle and LA.

1. The music and its process
… the original composition (sea & sky)
… the instruments
… the initial mixing/mastering
2. the recorded performance and its transfer back to the studio
… transfer to Ableton Live
… the performance and its “capture”
… transfer back into Nuendo
3. The mastering (digital and 1/2″ analog)
… the mastering process
… transfer to 1/2″ stereo analog tape
4. the marketing (kickstarter, performances and downloads)
… Now the hard part has begun

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