Haida Worksheet

Haida (Raven)
Release in 2019 or 2020

The “inter”connections

○ Ahim (Dolby Berlin)
○ Dolby on-board with Achim as tech assistant)
○ Sasha (Europe)
3it (Fraunhoffer)
○ intro through Achim
– Universal Music
○ Greg (Universal Music/Capitol LA)
○ Tijs (Universal NL)

The Strings (re-do) Sessions

Metropole Orchestra, Hilversum, Netherlands

To be re-recorded at Metropol
fund raising
Metropol Note: Could we get underwriting from Sennheiser and DearVR for the recording and the VR Metropol “In the Studio During the Mix” experience for the Google Rift/Go?

The Mix

The preliminary immersive 11.1 mix would probably be best executed first at Sonic City, Amsterdam. With the help of the Dolby team, this would be done in Nuendo, using the Atmos panner.

Once done, the mix would be taken to Abbey Road’s Dolby Mix Stage, London, where the final mix/mastering would be done and the final print made. The final mix session for each song would then be recorded in HD 3D-video for use by Dolby/Sennheiser/Universal promotional services.

Abbey Road Dolby Mix Stage, London

Mix staff:

Senior Mix Engineer: Chuck Ainley
Second Mix Engineer/Producer: David Miles Huber
Assistant Engineer: Emeliano Caballero Fracarolli
Dolby Support (on-site): Achim Scherner
Abbey Road Support: Mirek Styles

Note: The mix ix to be made fully in Atmos … Once done, the mix will be rendered as both an 11.1 (7.1.4) Atmos stream and as an immersive 3D stereo headphone mix with the Dolby software.

The Mix

2.0 (at home in Seattle)
5.1 (at home in Seattle)
9.1 Atmos (at Abbey Road, Capitol or SoniCity/Amsterdam)
9.1 Note: If Chuck and I both co-engineer (with E as assistant), could we both/all be up for a Grammy?
headphone hrtf (probably at home in Seattle)
9.1 Note: Could we get underwriting from Sennheiser for the recording and the VR (see cooperation link) “In the Control Room During the Mix” Experience for the Google Rift/Go? If this is the case, it would be best to mix at Abbey Road, probably with Chuck.
9.1 Note: What about Sennheiser for the SoundBar TV speaker (related video)?
9.1 Note: If it’s to be mixed at Capitol, could we get co-underwriting from Sennheiser/Neumann or JBL for the recording and the VR (Chuck with JBL 7 Series) “In the Control Room During the Mix” Experience for the Google Rift/Go?

HRTF Note: Could we get underwriting from Sennheiser for the recording and the VR Metropol Google Rift/Go experience?

The VR Experience

It makes the most sense to work with FB/Oculus in association with Dolby/Sennheiser/Universal on this.

Could take either of three approaches:

1. an actual “in nature experience” documenting the natural beauty of the Pacific NW in 360° VR with music.
2. It could be a combination of the documenting the natural beauty with a smattering of augmented animal animation.

3. It could be an animated story that is built from the ground-up to tell the tale.





Immersive Beethoven
Sennheiser/Magic Leap

*** ep ***

– call with Robin (12/10/18)
– write Sasha at sennheiser
– write Sean about Chuck, Me and E
– full contact info to Achim
– contact Tijs
– Contact Mirek
– contact Chuck

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