Technical stuff :
I love the space and openness of the mixes so far but that also gives me a bit of a problem sometimes, too. For example, in the opening track – Scotchbroom – the piano doesn’t feel right to me, too tight and somewhat unnatural. There is so much clarity in the mixes and everything so well defined that I just sometimes pick up on sounds that in normal circumstances would be ‘deeper’ in a sonically more complex mix where a tighter sound would be a benefit. The same applies to some of the synth sounds – where you are creating very natural, ambient atmospheres I find that there are some synth sounds that have wonderful space around them but that have a ‘fizzy’ tail to them that disturbs the atmosphere because it is clearly synthetic.

The male vocal is intriguing! I like the dissonance and the fact that it creates a tension within the music but sometimes that dissonance strays into being just flat. Again, a small point but when the ear gets used to the overall feel of the vocal a single very flat note breaks that feel.

There are, for me, a couple of very small points in terms of sounds used. There is a kind of splash cymbal that pops up every now and then that to me sounds almost gated, there is no natural decay and it sounds clipped. Some of the low drum sounds also feel a bit too ‘controlled’ and I would prefer to hear their low end rumble about it more 🙂 However, knowing you, they are probably not controlled at all and that is their natural decay, in which case they need to be enhanced to give them an unnatural decay 😀

Creative stuff :
You have created an aural environment that is just wonderful – hats off to you. Nansimgat got played several times on a loop, for example, as did Oulachen and Fiveflute. There was never a point at which I thought I would like to see any images – I was happy just to close my eyes and enjoy.

Business stuff :
Really not sure where you would go from here. As a work of creative art it is superb, as a stand alone commercial release I think it would struggle to find an audience wide enough to cover the investment. On the other hand, linked to a visual concept using VR (which is, I guess, where you are heading) then it certainly has validity from a business point of view although the cost of creating such a concept would be high.


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