Haida… The name calls up the beauty, majesty and the mysteries of a powerful land and it’s peoples: the Haida Tribal Nation of the Queen Charlotte Islands in the Pacific Northwest. Designed to portray the beauty & grandeur of this focal-point of natural beauty and spiritual energy, this 2-CD set is an “epic project” that transports you to a powerful land of ocean shores, eagles flying above, snow-capped mountains and verdant trees.

David Miles Huber is a 4X Grammy-nominated producer and musician in the electronic dance and surround-sound genres, whose music has sold over the million mark. His dance performance style is energized and balanced out by lush beats and live acoustic instruments that combine to create a “Zen-meets-Tech Experience”. His latest music and collaborations can be heard at www.davidmileshuber.com.

DMH has performed all over the US and Central Europe using his in-studio tools (Steinberg Nuendo), on-stage performance tools (Ableton Live) and wireless iPad controller (zero-debug Touchable3). It’s been said that he plays a “mean computer”, iPad, MIDI toys, ethnic flutes, vocals and any kind of percussion he can get his hands on.

Disc 1 – Haida – Raven

01-Haida-Raven-Scotchbroom (09:36:00)
02-Haida-Raven-Five Flute (06:10:00)
03-Haida-Raven-Oulachen (09:20:00)
04-Haida-Raven-Once in the Place (05:59:00)
05-Haida-Raven-Paraland (08:25:00)
06-Haida-Raven-Nansimgat (06:16:00)
07-Haida-Raven-Rainsong (05:13:00)
08-Haida-Raven-Raven (12:06:00)

Disc 2 – Haida – Dreamcatcher

01-Haida-Dreamcatcher-Haidagwai (00:00:00)
02-Haida-Dreamcatcher-Legend (00:00:00)
03-Haida-Dreamcatcher-Violet (00:00:00)
04-Haida-Dreamcatcher-Spirit Bear (00:00:00)
05-Haida-Dreamcatcher-Paah (00:00:00)

This 2-disc project holds its own as a unique and powerful music experience, keeping company with other New Age/Ambient projects that have a proven sales track record for getting heard. Musically, this lush project combines electronic compositions (which are often made up of originally-recorded samples) with the soothing sounds of nature, live instrumentation (including live string orchestration) and vocals. Technically, this project has the unique advantage of being compatibly playable in both 3D (holographic) stereo and surround sound (Dolby ProLogic encoded) formats. This means that both discs can be enjoyed on a standard CD player… however, for those millions that have a surround-sound playback system, it can be heard in its intended 5.1 surround sound format. Haida has also been mixed in Dolby Digital (discrete surround-sound) for future release as a DVD Audio or soundtrack to a DVD Video disc.

Stories from Vi Hilbert, one of the most respected Elders in the Pacific Northwest, are featured in portions of Disc one “Raven”. Vi has been the subject of several television documentaries, including “Huchoosedah: Traditions of the Heart” from KCTS, Seattle and the BBC, London, England. She has devoted much of her life to the study, promotion and preservation of her childhood language, Lushootseed Salish, and the oral literature and culture of her people. She has transcribed and translated these materials into English. She retired from teaching in 1988, and began storytelling at the insistence of her students. She is frequently invited to tell stories by Native groups, the National Association of Professional Storytellers and other educators at all levels.

Piano Story

Glenn Lorbecki recording the piano track for Violet

Not just any piano, this is a Yahaha MIDI Disclavier

Vocals for “Raven”

When working on Haida (which has been in the works for about 30 years … my best guess is that the original vocals for raven were recorded around 1992). I recently, I went about the task of re-recording the main vocal line. The amazing part is that my voice pretty much matched the original style and timings … so much so that the new vocals are now a supporting double-track to the original “younger Dave” vocal track. In the end, the original track has more emotion and best follows the intention of the song. Notice that the vocal mic is a stereo puppy.

One day, when I was in yoga class, the background music was an OHHHMMM track that was in the right key to the intro to Haida-Raven. I thought, “perfect” this would work well as a background to the intro. I then realized that my buddy Morten Lndberg of 2L in Norway will often work with choirs, so I asked him if he could contribute to the project. The result is the addition of the StudenterSangForeningen (The Norwegian Student Choral Society, the official male choir at the University of Oslo) to the project. Their world-class choral music can be enjoyed on their many album projects, as well as on Spotify. Above, are the pics from the 9.1 vocalization session, which was recorded in 9.1 auro3D sound in a church in Norway.

Emiliano helped to lay down several electric guitar tracks at Sonic City Studios in Amsterdam. As always, it was lots of fun and added more of an acoustic element to the tracks.


My buddies at Sonic City Studios in Amsterdam helped me out by doing a reamp from tracks that were recorded in Seattle and Vancouver. Thanks guys for the helpful and slightly corny video.

Bluray/Music-video Production…

Since Haida is an epic that tells a musical story of a powerful land and culture in a way that conjures up strong and emotional imagery… this project is perfect for being made into a 2-hour music DVD. Currently, PBS, along with several other production teams are considering this project as a movie soundtrack to “Haida: Over the Queen Charlotte Islands”. Known in the Haida words “Gwaii Haanas”, meaning islands of wonder, the Queen Charlotte Islands are referred to by some as “awe-inspiring”. An archipelago of more than 150 islands, the Queen Charlotte Islands are located 50 miles west of the Canadian mainland and are widely known for their outstanding natural beauty, old totems, longhouses and a thriving native culture. Haida has been mixed in Dolby Digital (discrete surround-sound) for future release as the soundtrack to a DVD Video disc. The individual tracks exist within a high-end digital audio editing system (Nuendo) for remix to match the required visual elements.

Sales Track Record…
David Miles Huber (www.51bpm.com and www.modrec.com) is widely acclaimed in the recording industry as a professional musician, engineer, author, university professor and guest lecturer.
1. His most prominent book, Modern Recording Techniques (www.modrec.com – Focal Press – Boston/London), has been an industry standard text worldwide for over 16 years and has sold over 175,000 copies (the 2nd largest sales figure for any book in the field of pro-audio).
2. His relaxational series “RELAXATION & MEDITATION WITH MUSIC & NATURE” (two – 5 CD sets), has been so enormously successful for Laserlight (Delta Music, Los Angeles) that the relaxational series continues to this day. Sales on these popular 5 disc sets have exceeded the one million-copy mark and have launched relaxational music into the market-mainstream.

01-Haida-Raven-Scotchbroom (00:00:00:00 – 00:09:36:00)

00:00:00:00 … drone flying at low level over Deception Pass at slow speed
00:03:12:00 … drone raises in height to reveal overall vista of Deception Pass
00:04:10:00 … fades to handheld steadycam walking through the paths of Deception Pass

02-Haida-Raven-Five Flute (00:00:00:00 – 00:06:10:00)

00:00:00:00 … Flying over the Cascade Mountain range, w. augmented visual efx

03-Haida-Raven-Oulachen (00:00:00:00 – 00:09:20:00)

00:00:00:00 … handheld steadycam traveling through a salmon creek (with Salmon)

04-Haida-Raven-Once in the Place (00:00:00:00 – 00:05:59:00)

00:00:00:00 … possible scenario #1: Walking through the area with the totem poles outside of Ketchikan, AK
00:00:00:00 … possible scenario #2:

05-Haida-Raven-Paraland (00:00:00:00 – 00:08:25:00)

00:00:00:00 … possible scenario #1: drone flying over Columbia River Gorge and desert areas of Western WA
00:00:00:00 … possible scenario #2:

06-Haida-Raven-Nansimgat (00:00:00:00 – 00:06:16:00)

00:00:00:00 … over/underwater footage in Puget Sound, w visual and animal effects (possibly in the style of Storm Boy)

07-Haida-Raven-Rainsong (00:00:00:00 – 00:05:13:00)

00:00:00:00 … handheld steadycam traveling through the Ho rainforest on a rainyday (how is this technically possible?)

08-Haida-Raven-Raven (00:00:00:00 – 00:12:06:00)

00:00:00:00 … drone flying from the shores of Ocean Shores (or area like this)
00:04:00:00 … drone flies into and through a wooded area
00:06:30:00 … drone flies slowly back into the shore area and flies high
00:07:30:00 … drone heads back down to a low level (which then revers to its original slow speed just before Vi’s talk)
00:10:00:00 … credit roll

01-Haida-Dreamcatcher-Haidagwai (00:00:00:00 – 00:00:00:00)

02-Haida-Dreamcatcher-Legend (00:00:00:00 – 00:00:00:00)

03-Haida-Dreamcatcher-Violet (00:00:00:00 – 00:00:00:00)

04-Haida-Dreamcatcher-Spirit Bear (00:00:00:00 – 00:00:00:00)

05-Haida-Dreamcatcher-Paah (00:00:00:00 – 00:00:00:00)

production credits:

David Miles Muber: (producer/artist – seattle/berlin/Conway), computer/vocals/ethno flutes/perc
David Miles Muber: (ableton live and nuendo session mastering – seattle/berlin)
Emiliano Caballero Fraccaroli: (european assistant)
Produced and recorded in Seattle & Berlin
Reamp and electric guitar sessions recorded at Sonic City Studios, Amsterdam by:
Daniel Wullems, Theo Dorey
Original basic tracks recorded at Voyager Recordings, Seattle (voyagerrecordings.com)
Yamaha Disclavier recorded at Turtle Recording Studios, White Rock, BC, Canada by Larry Anchell
Lyrics: Jack Strubbe
Lushootseed Salish Rant & “Lady Louse Story” performed by Vi Hilbert (Northwest elder & storyteller)
Drums: LARedd (Berlin)
Intro vocal drone: Den Norske Studentersanforeningen (The official male choir of the University of Oslo)
Intro vocal drone recorded by Morten Lindgerg in Norway
String Orchestration: Mike Matesky
String Contracting: Mike Matesky
String Session Studio: Glen Sound, Seattle
Strings: Laurie Wells, Jean Wels Yablonski, Micheal Scott, Mike Walton, Rebecca Evans, William Boyd, Margaret Brennand, Karyn Sorensen, Ingrid Fredrickson and Andrea Lersigni
Electric Guitar: Emiliano Caballero Fraccaroli
Pro Tools string transfer: Scott Colburn; Gravelvoice Studios, Seattle
Bass Saxophone: Paul Woltz

Special Thanks:

Daniel Eric Butler (my husband, partner and best friend)
nhow Hotel, Dominik Trampf and the folks at nhow Soundfloor, Berlin
Everyone at Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium
Everyone at Sonic City Studios, Amsterdam
Steinberg Media Technologies Gmbh (studio DAW – Nuendo)
Ableton AG (performance DAW – Live)
Universal Audio Inc. (powered DAW audio plug-ins)
PMC Limited (professional studio monitors)
Steven Slate Audio Inc. (touch video monitors)
Zerodebug (TouchAble performance/studio application for the iPad)

Sounds like: Well, it doesn’t really sound like anyone or anything else. That’s its strength … but it does have the epic and daring feel of Deep Forest, Enigma or Jean Michel Jarre.

Link-01 to modern NW native art
Link-02 to modern NW native art

Storm Boy links

Production Software:

Unity game creation software
Tiltbrush 3D painting


HTC Vive
Playstation VR (Sony)
Oculus Rift

Immersive Headphones/Immersive Software:

360 Dome Projection:

3D Movies:

Info about YouTube 360 …

I thought that it might be fun (possibly throughout the course of the project) to have a video insert capture of both nuendo session/mixer screens running in the rear 180° of the visual field.


360deg and 3D cameras:


LucidCam: The World’s First Consumer 3D VR Camera
Capture 3D, 180° footage in FULL HD, so you can share the world EXACTLY as you see it.

Lucid Article #1

360deg and 3D playback:

Samsung Gear VR

The 13 Best Budget VR Headsets for iOS and Android in 2017


Ryan Boudinot (CoMotion Labs)
Lacey Leavitt (mechanical dreams)
Ben Harzell

Headset systems:

Sony PlayStation VR
HTC Vive
Oculus Rift
Google Daydream View
Samsung Gear VR


Microsoft *
Google * *
Go Pro *
Red Bull *

Production Companies – Seattle *
Production Companies – SF *
Production Companies – Berlin *
Production Companies – Amsterdam *

***** … As a trusted member of the team, I’d ask that you try to playback from the Google Drive and not download. If you do download, “NEVER”, “EVER” give it out in any way, shape or form. Contact DMH and he’ll get it to those who need to know.

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