GAMmA Original Mix

Gamma was born out of the concept of representing light through music, specifically those aspects of light that are beyond our ability to perceive. Like so many things in life, not all things of beauty can be readily seen by the naked eye. It’s good to take the time to dig deeper to see what’s behind the facade of what lay before us … the inner, unseen radiance that is all around us. Created and produced in Seattle and Berlin by David Miles Huber (, this project guides the listener through space and time, engaging the senses in new and immersive ways.

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project info:

Gamma (Orig Mix)
Uploaded: November 2, 2018
Release date: May 19, 2017

DK UPC: 193537112367

Lumina (Orig Mix)
Spectra (Orig Mix)
Ultraviolet (Orig Mix)
Radiance (Orig Mix)
Chroma (Orig Mix)

ISRC: QZES61869701
ISRC: QZES61869702
ISRC: QZES61869703
ISRC: QZES61869704
ISRC: QZES61869705

Song Credits:

Music: David Miles Huber
Engineer: David Miles Huber
Mastering: David Miles Huber and Emiliano Caballero Fraccaroli
Additional engineer: Emiliano Caballero Fraccaroli
Drums: John Ewing
Recording: Drums recorded at London Bridge Studios, Seattle
Recording: Recorded in Seattle/WA/USA and Berlin/Deutschland
Mixing: Mixed in Seattle/WA/USA and at Galaxy Studios/Mol/Belgium

Thank you:
Daniel Eric Butler (my husband, partner and best friend)
nhow Hotel and the folks at Soundfloor, Berlin
Dominik Trampf, Berlin
Everyone at Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium
Steinberg Media Technologies Gmbh (studio DAW – Nuendo)
Ableton AG (performance DAW – Live)
Universal Audio Inc. (powered DAW audio plug-ins)
PMC Speakers (professional studio monitors)
Steven Slate Audio Inc. (touch video monitors)
Zerodebug (TouchAble performance/studio application for the iPad)

tag keywords: David Miles Huber 51bpm chamberland parallax eden colabs electronic IDM uptempo downtempo grammy nominated surround 5.1 MRT modern recording techniques

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