DMH Dance Bio

DAVID MILES HUBER (Seattle/Berlin)
JIAJUAN LI (booking – LA/Shanghai)

bronze @ 140bpm – Click on the right window to see with visuals …

crimson @ 145bpm – Click on the right window to see with visuals …

David Miles Huber is a 3X Grammy-nominated producer and musician in the electronic dance and surround-sound genres, whose music has sold over the million mark. His style is perfectly energized and balanced out by lush beats and live acoustic instruments that combine to create a “Zen-meets-Tech experience” which pulls the listener into a musical soundscape that’s rich, enticing and energizing. His latest music and collaborations can be heard on and

Chamberland (Grammy-nominated 2012), like its namesake, encompasses many facets; at its heart it is an electronic project and performance piece that is both complex and chill. Being composed from many live and electronic instrument elements, it lends itself perfectly as a media experience in the home or on the dancefloor.

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