Chamberland (Chill Mix)

Chamberland encompasses many facets… at its heart, it is an electronic project whose songs invoke color, emotion and attitude that evolves throughout the piece in an innovative and evocative way. Created and produced in Seattle and Berlin by 4X Grammy nominee David Miles Huber, Chamberland is a tour-de-force in immersive electronic music.

Chamberland: the berlin remixes (CBR) is made up of eight songs. Each song represents a color (emerald, cobalt, bronze, amber, magenta, violet, crimson and opal).

Making of Parallax Eden (chill mix) 01: How I got started

Making of Parallax Eden (chill mix) 02: On surround

Making of Parallax Eden (chill mix) 03: How I made the music (at that time in my life)

Making of Parallax Eden (chill mix) 04: Making the videos

Making of Parallax Eden (chill mix) 05: Credits and thanks (at that time in my life)

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project info:

Chill Out
New Age

Chamberland (Chill Mix)
Uploaded: October 30, 2018
Release date: September 23, 2014

DK UPC: 193537214917

Emerald (Chill Mix)
Cobalt (Chill Mix)
Bronze (Chill Mix)
Amber (Chill Mix)
Magenta (Chill Mix)
Violet (Chill Mix)
Crimson (Chill Mix)
Opal (Chill Mix)

ISRC: QZES61849361
ISRC: QZES61849362
ISRC: QZES61849363
ISRC: QZES61849364
ISRC: QZES61849365
ISRC: QZES61849366
ISRC: QZES61849367
ISRC: QZES61849368

Song Credits:

Music: David Miles Huber
Engineer: David Miles Huber
Mastering: David Miles Huber and Emiliano Caballero Fraccaroli
Additional engineer: Emiliano Caballero Fraccaroli
Additional engineer: Brux Callison
Recording: Recorded in Seattle/WA/USA and Berlin/Deutschland
Guitar: Ari Joshua
Guitar: recorded at Youngtown Cultural Arts Center, Seattle/WA/USA
Recording: MIDI grand piano: recorded at glenn sound studios/Seattle/USA
Mixing: Mixed in Seattle/WA/USA and at Galaxy Studios/Mol/Belgium
Shout out: lunar landing dialog courtesy of the national aeronautics and space administration

Thank you:
Daniel Eric Butler (my husband, partner and best friend)
nhow Hotel and the folks at Soundfloor, Berlin
Dominik Trampf, Berlin
Everyone at Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium
Steinberg Media Technologies Gmbh (studio DAW – Nuendo)
Ableton AG (performance DAW – Live)
Universal Audio Inc. (powered DAW audio plug-ins)
PMC Speakers (professional studio monitors)
Steven Slate Audio Inc. (touch video monitors)
Zerodebug (TouchAble performance/studio application for the iPad)

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