Chamberland …

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Chamberland (Chill mix)


DMH + ELS = Awesome 5.1 Surround sound!! (Chamberland) in my 2012 Acura TL. Here it goes David, the center channel very strong and clean, the front speakers very powerful, the sub you can FEEL the bass, and the rear speakers are very amazing, over all the mix in all the channels beautiful sound!!

I’ve listened to all Berlin tracks. they are much more alive, more pulse, more straight forward and still very sensitive. the last track gave me a feeling of going shopping in my favourite ALDI in Berlin, others gave me the feeling of U-Bahn. I like the Berlin Tracks the best … Der Uli, Berlin, 2013

I purchased Chamberland and Parallax Eden because your selection of timbres on top of the compositions are really interesting and right up my alley in terms of production … Michael O

The David Miles Huber Chamberland DTS CD is incredible. Amazing, very ‘aggressive’ surround mix and very clean with very precise surround imaging and very lifelike, natural instrumental timbre. Truly a reference quality surround recording that you can use to impress your friends.

It’s got a lot of synth together with acoustic instruments, but it’s very much a studio-only album and could not be done live (actually, I perform it live regularly – DMH) , and the studio effects are startling and fun (at least to me). There’s a lot going on in the mix so you can listen many times and still not catch everything. Huber has written textbooks on recording studio technology, so he is well known and respected in the industry, which is why he keeps getting nominated for surround sound grammies. And his surround DTS CDs really are tour-de-force demonstrations of just what is possible today in a state of the art recordng studio. The music may be an acquired taste (I like it; classifies it as “New Age”, but it’s not sappy and sentimental at all; it reminds me of Brian Wilson’s “Let’s Go Away” on Pet Sounds), but the recording itself is undeniably tasty.

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