Chamberland berlin remix vinyl

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Accidentally DMH stumbled across United Record Pressing’s crowd funding page that ties together one of his dreams … to release Chamberland on vinyl. To him, this was the perfect solution, as he was working on “Chamberland the Berlin Remixes” and the release of these mixes onto vinyl is the perfect way to showcase the introduction of this dance music remix project to the public.

So, How do you beef up an already awesome-sounding remix project? … You put the soundfiles through a 1/2″ 1/2 track Ampex ATR-102 at 30 ips. Sounds amazing! Next phase? … Press the records! Courtesy of Robert Lang Studios


10/18/2013: The CBR stereo mixes were completed in their official final form.
10/18/2013: The CBR vinyl mixes are almost done … and are about ready to go to analog tape (Ampex ATR-102 1/2″ – 1/2 track).
10/23/2013: Going with Rainbo Records in LA to do the mastering and pressing of the records.

CBR vinyl pics from around the world … keep ’em coming!

CBR in Paris

CBR in Massachusetts

CBR in the box

CBR on the streets of Berlin

CBR in Ohio

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