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Update: Turns out that the latest version of Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo has now fully integrated FLAC into its import/export scheme … as a result, I no longer need the following tools. Just export as a 2.0 or 5.1 file and you’re in biz. Life gets easier!

Two days ago, I knew nothing about making FLAC surround files and was quite intimidated. With the help of a few friends, I found two possible programs to check out. Here’s the process that I went through:

Mac: TwistedWave $79
PC: Foobar2000 and Foobar Encoder Pack Free

What is FLAC?

1. First off, I quickly realized that the key to making multichannel FLAC was to encode your mix as a single multichannel interleaved stream (so that you end up with a single 5.1 soundfile). Without this, nothing happens with any converter that I know of.

2. Now that you have your file, load it into the program. On Foobar (which I’ve finally chosen as my final converter), You right-click on the imported soundfile and choose “convert”. Make the proper settings (compression level 5 gives a 50% lossless data reduction). Then set your file destination and, BANG, you have a surround multichannel FLAC file that’s ready to play.

3. Metadata (tags) can be added to the soundfile using foobar or any preferred program for adding tags and the file’s ready for distribution.

Note: Those of you who have a 5.1 setup that can play FLAC, here’s a sample from Chamberland … enjoy and get back to me with your findings and thoughts.

Click here to download a surround FLAC example (note: must have the required codecs and audio setup)


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OK … I figure it’s best that I enter my Grammy experiences in the form of a post (so I can update it, as I remember more things). First off, the last week literally feels like 3 weeks. No seriously, we’re pretty much toast after a driving West Coast tour.

To start off, our performance at the Figueroa Hotel was awesome. As usual, it would’ve been nice to have more bodies. But the pool location was awesome and the “Fig” was its usual gorgeous self. My buddy Maurice from PMC rented a pair of super-professional JBL speakers that sounded beyond killer, the bass the high … all were balanced perfectly to give lots of power, while allowing the crowd to talk (the mark of a true hi-end pro system). Lastly, Marcell and I are doing something right, in that every time we play, we get asked back to do a more prominent headline night. Next year, we’re hoping to Play the Fig on Friday before the Grammy telecast.

Next up was the Village Recorders party in Hollywood. IT ROCKED! I was totally afraid that I wouldn’t know anybody … turns out I kept running into buddies from all over the world! Way cool! Hollywood, networking and having fun at its finest!

The Nominee party at the Wilshire Ebell is always a highlight. The nominees were all decked out in tuxes and amazing dresses, having just received our medals. The lifetime achievement awards at the Ebell included tributes to Patti Page and other luminaries, but I particularly love the 30 year tribute to MIDI … Happy 30th Birthday MIDI!

AND THEN … there was the big day! I didn’t win in my category (surround), but some dear friends did. fact is, I don’t feel bad at all, as I was included in a group that are all super-dedicated, hard-working and good-hearted! … It’s an honor to be nominated with such awesome people!

The big night was also a blast … Dan and I were seated (for the fist time) on the main floor. Life is VERY different down there … as luck would have it, we were placed at a point where all the stars had to pass by to get to the main stage from the front. Starts like Sting, Adelle, Dave Groll of the Foo Fighters, Rihanna, Ellen Degeneres … they all “had” to walk within 2 feet of us. Johnny Depp and Elton John were at the end of the isle (30 feet away) … lots of fun!

To top it off, I was sitting with major engineers (all of us are PMC clients with Maurice)… turns out I was sitting next to Tony Maserati, a very well known engineer. I didn’t know it was him, so I had the honor of getting to know the man and not the name… what a sweet guy! Definitely looking forward to next year!

I’m playing a VDT (Verband Deutche Tonmeister) event at Galaxy 10/6 using an 8.0 setup (quad on the ground and quad in the air). I don’t think that this has ever been done before … Here goes!

facebook photos can be seen here

How to Create Real 3D Immersive Experience?

Recording and mixing techniques for three-dimensional multi-channel reproduction

Galaxy Studios (, Kievistraat 42, B-2400 MOL; Belgien
October 6-7, 2012
Surround Sound 5.1 or even 7.1 does not deliver true 3D sound as it is not able to produce a three-dimensional sound field and therefore not able to immerse the consumer in a “True, Converging Audio Experience“ when watching a movie (2D or 3D), listening to music, watching sports events, playing games etc. True 3D Sound should be a unique experience that puts the consumer as the main actor in a virtual (close to reality) world. As such, it is a completely new definition of “Total 3D Customer Immersion”. The creation of this level of experience requires new knowledge in the production process.

Dave Ashton (Dialogue editor)
Wilfried Van Baelen (Conceiver of Auro-3D Format)
Florian Camerer (ORF)
Srdjan Kurpjel (Sounddesign film)
Patrick Lemmens (Tonmeister, Scoring engineer)
Gareth Llewellyn (Dubbing Mixer)
David Miles Huber (Composer/Producer in Lounge-Dance-Music, 2x Grammy nominated)
Günther Theile (VDT)

Part 1: The introduction of height
– Immersed emotional experience in the entertainment world
– Concept & vision of next-generation audio formats and requirements
– Trends and innovations in sport, music and film recording
– Creation of atmosphere, ambient sounds, immersive experience
– Real-life 3D recordings and playbacks (hands on workshop)

Part 2: Auro-3D
– The Auro-3D® concept and listening formats
– Workflow issues and solutions for each market, descriptions
– Recording and mixing techniques: mixing in 3D
– Upmix and downmix, single inventory distribution
– Questions and answers
Seminar Chair: Bert Van Daele (R&D manager, Auro-Technologies)
Supported by:
Patrick Lemmens (Tonmeister, Galaxy Studios)
Wilfried Van Baelen (CEO Galaxy Studios & Auro-Technologies)

10/06/12 Saturday

09:00 11:00 arrival Guests
11:00 11:20 Welcome and practical introduction 00:20
11:20 11:30 Motivations behind this seminar, Wilfried Van Baelen 00:10
11:30 12:00 Trends and Innovations in the audiovisual world Wilfried Van Baelen 00:30
12:00 12:45 introducing different formats 00:45
12:45 14:15 Lunch break 01:30
14:15 15:45 Ambiance Recordings in 3D 01:30
15:45 16:30 Film mixing / Sound design in 3D Gareth Llewellyn / Srdjan Kurpjel 00:45
16:30 17:00 Coffee Break 00:30
17:00 17:45 Recording and Mixing Music in 3D Patrick Lemmens 00:45
17:45 18:30 Composing in 3D David Miles Huber 00:45
18:30 20:00 Walking Galaxy Networking Dinner
19:00 00:00 Auro Dance David Miles Huber

10/07/12 Sunday
10:00 11:15 Auro 3D concept & creative Tools Wilfried Van Baelen 01:15
11:15 11:30 Coffee Break 00:15
11:30 12:30 Auro 3D Workflows Bert Van Daele 01:00
12:30 13:30 Lunch break 01:00
13:30 16:30 Workshops 03:00
Auro 3D Film Mixing
Auro 3D Sound Design
Auro 3D Music
Auro 3D Plug Ins
16:30 17:00 Closing Notes Bert Van Daele / Wilfried Van Baelen 00:30

Registration fees:
VDT member: Euro 150,00
Non-member: Euro 250,00
VDT member / student: Euro 30,00
Non-member / student: Euro 60,00
Registration fees include Seminar documents, lunch and coffee break catering.
Nearby hotel accomodation can be recommended.
You can subscribe to this VDT-Seminar online on as of August 2012.

There are literally hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of surround-capable computer gaming and home theater system installs in the world … and yet, the 5.1 surround experience remains obscured in its own set of technicalities, codec issues and even speaker order differences. Hell, even for me, setting up a system to play back discrete 5.1 from a DTS-CD can be an exercise in friggin’ futility.

BUT … When you take the time to understand your system and to go out and buy quality surround music, a whole new world of audio experience will be opened up to you. I remember as a kid, holding the wide flaps of a double album behind my ears and listening to the disc in a whole new way. Just doing that created reflections to the rear of my ears that brought the music to life.

If you have a discrete 5.1 surround system … an easy way to get into surround is to go onto ebay and search for “DTS 5.1 surround music”. In my humble opinion, a “DTS-CD” will provide the easiest way to experience hi-def 5.1 music, with a minimum of hassle. If you experience problems, you might take a look at a post that I did when I was setting up my own second playback studio. It’s not always easy … but once you have your system setup … if you’re open to a new experience … I PROMISE that it will rock your sonic world.

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