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I’m a Complicated Guy

I just thought that I’d pass along some of my thoughts of a “Day in Dave’s Life” in Berlin … at least, what goes on in his head!

Long walk

I started out to go on my usual VERY long walk along the Spree River, but it felt like it was going to rain (now, it is) and I went back for my umbrella, so the shorter, more straightforward walk was in order. It was a good time walking along my usual street (I’m becoming a Charlottenburg local) … So I hit the streets with a good stride.

The Times They Are(n’t) A Changin’

I’ve been having strange feelings lately about things, the tides of “something”. I’m actually pretty good at telling when somethings about to change (a gift that I’m told I inherited from my mother). First off, it’s interesting being in Deutschland while the US is contemplating “another” war. We’d better watch our high-horse attitude, cause the world not looking at us kindly (I think most US citizens feel equally as bad about this crap). There are ALWAYS ways to do something without bombing! … but I digress. Next set of thoughts are about Russia and the whole gay thing … Then I got to thinking that this is not a new thing … I think there “may” be hard times ahead. Let me explain! I’ve been reading Nile Rodger’s AWESOME book “Le Freak: An upside down story of family, disco and destiny”. It’s a MUST READ for musicians! He talks about the golden days of disco, that was stopped dead by the “I Hate Disco” movement. This was a movement by straight, football-lovin’ blokes that were afraid of a sexual freedom movement (I’m sure I oversimply). But it had a chilling effect … I can’t help but wonder if the Russia thing is a similar reaction. They’re probably sayin’ … “We have to stop this NOW, Vlad!” … or maybe some big-guys son was caught with his pants down … who knows. I’m just feeling that care a vigilance is the word for the times (whatever that means).


Next, I came to an old Deutsch bar that is full of locals … Which strikes fear in my heart. WHY? Because there’s no English to fall back on … you sink or swim. Last Spring, I walked by and had to go to the bathroom and so I went in a panic (walking very fast by the locals). They said “auf Deutsch” .. “Hey, arent you going to say HI” … so I said “sorry, I’m an American” (as best I could). They were very sweet to me. So today, I walked in sat down and ordered a beer (those who know me, know that I don’t like beer) … and started to talk. Since my Deutsch is quite a bit better, I started in on a conversation and had a great time for an hour or so with a patron and the barkeep. I had a BLAST and was VERY proud of myself.

Daft Punkness

Walking home, I put the new Daft Punk album on my handy (cell phone) … I have to say that the whole album is a total game changer for electronic music and I SALUTE THOSE GUYS! It’s all about a good song, a great recording (thanks Mick) and MELODY (thank gawd). I’m really sad that I wont be at the Grammys this year to see both them and Mick get a well-deserved Grammy for this landmark. I will be in LA (on our way to Mexico) for the event, but I won’t be in the room (I think … well, we’ll see). Take a good hard listen, then dance your ass off!

CBR Update

My kickstarter is two days old and is doing well … thanks to some kind and awesome people! Thank you!


Tomorrow, I go to hang at nhow Hotel Berlin and do a soundcheck (I did a set in my room today and it ROCKED!) … Those of you in Berlin should stop by Tuesday, 10pm, nhow Hotel – Berlin.

those are the highlights of my day!

Dave Huber

lately, I’ve been coming face-to-face with who I am … and in many way, with who I was. Many of you who know me, know that I started out in downtempo and even relaxational music. That’s who I “WAS” … now, I am who I “AM” … and that is much more akin to electronic IDM Dance music.

so, without further ado … The above song is an on-the-fly remix that I made from my live set. It’s a remix of “Violet” from Chamberland. I’d love to hear your response to it, either on my blog, facebook or better yet on the soundcloud clip.

PS: turn it up!



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I’ve had a few requests to pass along my mastering tips & tricks. Let’s start off with the fact that these are MY approaches to mastering for my music … Nothing more.

So, should you do your own mastering? That’s a big question … And depends upon your skill level. As far as I’m concerned, you can do your own mastering, if you’re willing to put in the time to check the mixes, step back from your work and listen critically … It’s all about skill, artistry and a willingness to get burned when you screw up (and you will at first). So, with that lets get started with what “I” do to master my stuff.

First off, I mix in the box … using Nuendo.

Secondly (and this is the important part), I include ALL of my mastering functions within the mix of each song. That’s right, I don’t use an outside editor or even a separate session to do my mastering … It’s all done within the song. So, what does that mean? It means that …

– the most recent song mix is contained in the session (obviously … with previous mixes being saved to a “mix back” directory).
– the session master EQ settings are saved within each song mix. You could use an EQ plugin or mastering plugin … I actually use the standard Nuendo main buss out EQ, as it sounds great and works the same for stereo or surround mixes.
– the session track timings are also contained within each song mix. This will take a lot of learning and trial & error to get the hang of. An easy way to get started doing this is to start the song at 00:00:00:00 … Then listen to the ending and imagine when the next song would start (it’s all about intuition) and place the session export end marker at that point.
– An LA mastering engineer from Ireland taught me another EQ trick that seems to work. Being a long-time UAD user … I’ll place the Precision Multiband Limiter in circuit with only the upper-mid and hi bands selected. This has the effect of lightly adding to the highs, without sounding sharp or piercing.
– if it’s a stereo mix, i’ll always put the UA Precision Limiter into the circuit, just to trim the peaks (with a max -3dB limit)
– it’s usually a good idea to put a frquency analyser into the main output bus chain, just to check the overall spectral nature of the mix.
– the next is to check the mix for level overloads and general mix level consistency within the overall album mix (again, it’s an artistic call).
– finally, I’ll export each song and then put it together into the final album and listen through for consistency.

The sweet part of all of this is that once you’re done, you can make changes at any point and the timings, overall EQs and any other settings won’t be effected. Simply – remix, export and place it into the final project … No muss, no need to remaster … the final mix is ready!

Sounds easy … But if you’re a perfectionist like me, this can go on and on until you’re happy. But … you can always go back and make changes easily at any time. Put simply, it takes a bit more time to setup initially (although not that much) … But, once you’re done, changes are a breeze.

Have fun!


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