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Rebar | June 3rd | 6:00 – 9:30: Marcell Marias and David Miles Huber (DMH) present “Immersion”, a unique downtempo/dance experience featuring a unique quadraphonic (4-channel) environment with lasers, visuals and water-based fog. Come experience a special electronic music event that’s guaranteed to WOW your senses.
Grammy-nominated David Miles Huber and Grammy-eligible Marcell Marias are composers, performers, and promoters of surround sound and unique live events… $5 at the door

in review …

Soooo … Marcell and my first performance in surround (quad) at the Rebar in Seattle “TOTALLY ROCKED”. Seriously, the music really held up on it’s own and my latest project “chamberland” came across as strong and professional. We’re thinking about taking our gig on the road on the West Coast (stay tuned)… and now a few thanks …

Rebar: Thanks to you all for being so helpful. The KVR system really was amazing. The sound was totally clear, present and pro-quality. I’m sure you’re proud of the installation.

Mike (visuals): Mike, it’s always such a joy to be around your amazing spirit. Marcell’s visuals totally rocked and you “played” them well!

Brux: Thanks for taking all the pics and vids. One of these days I’ll remember to hit the record button … really i will!

All of the good buddies who came out to early on a Sunday night … I especially liked John’s post: “For all of you who are not here, you are missing something great!”

… and last, but certainly not least, to Gideon Klindt for making an AMAZING poster for the night. It totally set the tone for a kick-ass evening.

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Thanks all!


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