So, I was talking with Dan this morning at breakfast about surround sound delivery. There are three consumer categories:

1. hi-end audio
2. home theater
3. gamers

There are basically three ways to deliver media:

1. Bluray
3. MP4 video

My real hope over the last 5 years, would be for the 5.1 (non-classical) music community to stop goofing off and court the gamer community. They are the ones that probably have the largest installation (actually, I’m banking on better cooperation with the VR community).

Regarding the delivery media, even though it has no copy protection, I find FLAC to be the most logical delivery media. Most hi-end systems can play 24/96 5.1 FLAC from a dongle without any difficulty. My Android phone can easily play 24/96 2.0 files.

Any thoughts or comments? FYI, when you buy any of my project mixes, you’ll get an additional full set of 24/96 mixes that can be played on your system in 5.1.

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