Parallax Eden berlin mix (hi​​​-​​​res 24​​​/​​​96 2​​​.​​​0 with bonus hi​​​-​​​res 5​​​.​​​1 tracks)

parallax eden (the berlin remixes) is a dance remix of the Grammy-nominated parallax eden project that transports the listener to a place that’s both peaceful and energizing. It’s a unique project that’ll groove you in unique and contemplative ways.

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project info:

release/catalogue numbers: 51bpm-022DL (stereo download) / A3DCL-15-001 (multiformat Bluray)
release date: 12/01/2014
Parallax Eden (The Berlin Mixes)
David Miles Huber
UPC: 000000000000 (stereo download)
UPC: 808798150521 (multiformat Bluray)
ISRC Codes:
1. Innerbase: The Berlin Remixes ISRC: UST8K1415019
2. Renaissance: The Berlin Remixes ISRC: UST8K1415020
3. Serenitatis: The Berlin Remixes ISRC: UST8K1415021
4. Lunacy: The Berlin Remixes ISRC: UST8K1415022
5. Tranquility: The Berlin Remixes ISRC: UST8K1415023

genre: electronic, electronica, downtempo, surround
tags: 51bpm David Miles Huber chamberland parallax eden colabs electronic IDM uptempo downtempo grammy nominated surround 5.1 MRT modern recording techniques
youtube tags: 51bpm, David Miles Huber, chamberland, parallax eden, colabs, electronic, IDM, EDM, uptempo, downtempo, grammy nominated, surround, 5.1, MRT, modern recording techniques,

production credits:

David Miles Muber (producer/artist – seattle/berlin), vocals/ethno flutes
David Miles Muber (ableton live and nuendo session mastering – seattle/berlin)
original performance sessions (recorded at nhow hotel, berlin)
Emiliano Caballero Fraccaroli (mastering and european assistant)
Brux Callison (us assistant)
Drums recorded at London Bridge Studio, Seattle 3/22/15
John Ewing (drums)
Carson Lehman (LBS engineer)
Shohei Koba Ogami (LBS assistant)
Jonathan Tollefson (LBS assistant)
lunar landing dialog courtesy of the national aeronautics and space administration

special thanks goes to my husband, Dan Butler; the folks at steinberg gmbh; Galaxy Studios, Belgium; nhow Hotel, Berlin; NARAS (the grammys)

Production notes:

So, I laid down acoustic drums over the groove/synth/loop drums on several of my upcoming projects. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s “stay clear of cymbals and even hi-hats when laying down the tracks … Like Zeph Sowers (below) says … they cloud and overpower an electronic mix … it’s just plain bad! Fortunately, I pretty much figured it out after the first song (which I miraculously saved my dubbing in drums from another song without cymbals and hat). Here’s what Zeph has to say …

Engineer Zeph Sowers on layering electronic and acoustic drum sounds

“If the predominant drums are electronic, then you don’t want your live kick drum to sound too fat on the bottom, so you may want to cut out some of those frequencies. Just so it’s more felt rather than being the main thing heard. And you don’t always need cymbals in an electronic drum set sound. TVOTR don’t use cymbals. They take up too much space in the mix. As soon as you add cymbals they cloud and color everything and take a lot of space. You want to leave space in that frequency range for other things. Cymbals fight too much for us. If we do cymbals beyond the hi-hat, we might overdub a ride or add a slowed down crash cymbal sample. When blending electronic and acoustic drums, you have to make sure all the drums are hitting together, if not, you will get flamming and lose the impact of both sets.”

Parallax Eden Bluray review:

As mentioned in its description, this release comes in three flavours, with four listening options (stereo Chill, stereo Berlin remix. 5.1 Berlin remix and 9.1 Auro 3D* Original mix). Last night I listened to the 5.1 Berlin mix and I was hooked within 30 seconds. So much so in fact, I got up, switched the lights off and went to that special place where there is no spoon i.e. the moment. DMH has been nominated for 4 separate Grammy’s for best multichannel mix, and if the rest of his music is like this, then goodness knows why he hasn’t won at least once because the surround mix is superb!

I then played the stereo Chill mix, which is more or less the same album, but without the uptempo grooves and I loved it just as much. I should add this album is perfect for late night listening because even the full-fat version is a long way away from what could be called club rave tempo; I dare say, it’s probably best described as chilltronica.

If you like electronic music and like to relax late at night, this is the one to buy…especially if you have a surround sound setup!

* If the appropriate hardware isn’t in place, the BDA outputs a 5.1 fold-down version of the 9.1 mix to make it compatible, so you don’t need an Auro 3D capable AVR to hear the Original mix in surround sound; albeit, in 5.1 instead of 9.1 surround sound.

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