Motivation: A Driving Force

Become “WHO” you want to be
- once you’ve figured out who you want to be when you grow up (at least this week) … then:
- just become it (I dub thee sir/dame __________?)
- begin to contact people and tell them about you and your work.
- “you’ve gotta walk it like you talk it, or else you loose the beat” … i.e. ya gotta be & do your best!
- Be a self-starter and start your own business

- showing up is HUGE
- conferences
- organizations (grammy, AES, SAE, local music orgs)
- volunteer (if an org, studio or industry professional needs help … and you could use the knowledge … Do it!)
- social networking (find musicians, friends, gigs …)

- this “might” or “might not” involve a formal education
- READ … Subscribe to mags! Mix, TapeOp, Sound on Sound, Keyboard
Sign up for free, or start a company and get an industry subcription.
- READ … manuals (IF you’re the manual-reading type … which I’m not)

- sometimes, when you travel to a new place, you never know who you’ll meet and what opportunities are around the corner)

- get your hand on the toys and make music
- try to get the best toys that you can afford for the buck (will mean reading, research and trying out stuff)

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