Chamberland chill mix (hi​​​-​​​res 24​​​/​​​96 2​​​.​​​0 with bonus hi​​​-​​​res 5​​​.​​​1 tracks)

Chamberland: The Chill Mixes (CCM) are the chill backing tracks that are the foundation of the Chamberland tracks. Chamberland is made up of eight songs. Each song represents a color (emerald, cobalt, bronze, amber, magenta, violet, crimson and opal).

Chamberland encompasses many facets… at its heart, it is an electronic project whose songs invoke color, emotion and attitude that evolves throughout the piece in an innovative and evocative way. Created and produced in Seattle and Berlin by 3X Grammy nominee David Miles Huber, Chamberland is a tour-de-force in immersive electronic music.

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Making of Parallax Eden (chill mix) 01: How I got started

Making of Parallax Eden (chill mix) 02: On surround

Making of Parallax Eden (chill mix) 03: How I made the music (at that time in my life)

Making of Parallax Eden (chill mix) 04: Making the videos

Making of Parallax Eden (chill mix) 05: Credits and thanks (at that time in my life)


david miles huber (producer/artist – seattle/berlin), vocals/ethno flutes, MIDI grand piano
(recorded at glenn sound studios, seattle)
ari joshua (guitar – recorded at youngstown center for the arts, seattle)
david miles huber (ableton live and nuendo session mastering – seattle/berlin)
original performance sessions (recorded at nhow hotel, berlin)
emiliano caballero fraccaroli (european assistant)
sterling huber (assistant engineer, seattle)
brux callison (us assistant)

project info:

release/catalogue numbers: 51bpm-017DL (stereo download)
project length: 1:09:06
Chamberland (The Chill Mixes)
David Miles Huber
UPC: 872133994040 (stereo download)
Release date: September 23, 2014
1. Emerald (Chamberland Chill Mixes) ISRC: QMPKX1479866
2. Cobalt (Chamberland Chill Mixes) ISRC: QMPKX1479867
3. Bronze (Chamberland Chill Mixes) ISRC: QMPKX1479868
4. Amber (Chamberland Chill Mixes) ISRC: QMPKX1479869
5. Magenta (Chamberland Chill Mixes) ISRC: QMPKX1479870
6. Violet (Chamberland Chill Mixes) ISRC: QMPKX1479871
7. Crimson (Chamberland Chill Mixes) ISRC: QMPKX1479872
8. Opal (Chamberland Chill Mixes) ISRC: QMPKX1479873
genre: electronic, IDM, downtempo, surround
tag keywords: 51bpm David Miles Huber chamberland parallax eden colabs electronic EDM uptempo downtempo grammy nominated surround 5.1 MRT modern recording techniques

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