When: Thursday, September 19 at 20:00

Warschauerstr 70A
10243 – Berlin
+49 30 2935 2426
Limited to 30 people … so contact KMR to reserve your place

On September 19th at 20:00, DMH will be doing a free “behind-the-scenes” talk about and mini performance of his Grammy-nominated “chamberland” and “chamberland: the berlin remixes“. This project has gone through numerous technological and performance stages in ways that make it quite unique. We hope you’ll join us, as we journey through the details of a project that has its roots in Berlin, Seattle and LA.

1. The music and its process
… the original composition (sea & sky)
… the instruments
… the initial mixing/mastering
2. the recorded performance and its transfer back to the studio
… transfer to Ableton Live
… the performance and its “capture”
… transfer back into Nuendo
3. The mastering (digital and 1/2″ analog)
… the mastering process
… transfer to 1/2″ stereo analog tape
4. the marketing (kickstarter, performances and downloads)
… Now the hard part has begun

Last night was my “kick-off” performance for Chamberland: The Berlin Remixes at NHOW Berlin. WOW, did we have fun! A lot of friends and new folks from the American and Deutsch side of the pond showed up and had drinks, good talks and a hell of a lot of fun. A very nice music promoter from Sweden asked: Does it bother you that people are talking and having fun while your performing? … To which I said, “not at all … it’s really fun to bring people together, to introduce folks to new people and help them to have fun!” I think when it comes to live performance, that’s my primary goal, to help the crowd have a deep, happy and happening experience.

By the way, here’s the entire performance … enjoy!

I’d also like to thank the entire staff at NHOW for being top-notch and really wonderful people … My first and foremost thanks goes to Dominik Trampf … He’s not only a pro, he a caring, invaluable gem and a real friend!

For those of you who’ll be in Berlin, I’ll be “kicking off” my September Kickstarter campaign for “chamberland: the berlin remixes” at NHOW Hotel Berlin on Tuesday, September 3rd at 10PM in the main lobby. For those of you who don’t know, NHOW is one of the premier music hotels in Berlin (just watch the video below and prepare to be amazed!). Show up for drinks, music and friends in an incredible art setting just off the Spree river. You’ll be glad you did!

who: Grammy nominated electronic music artist David Miles Huber
what: Performing “chamberland: the berin remixes to “kick off” his first Kickstarter campaign
where: nhow Berlin, Stralauer Allee 3, 10245 Berlin in the main lobby
when: Tuesday, Sept 3rd at 10pm

Adding <<< SPACE >>> to my mixes

The process of creating Chamberland has been an amazing one for me. It has taken me from my home studio – to a super-studio in Belgium – to a super-hotel in Berlin … to performances in both stereo and quad in the US and Europe.

Beyond the intricate, lush sounds and immersive production, one of the more interesting aspects of producing this project has been its sense of “space” … a largeness in the mix that comes from several sources:

1. Stereo miking and stereo sound-sources: Those of you who know me, know that I “only” record stereo tracks. That’s right, even when I’m recording vocals or an instrument, I’ll use two mics or a stereo mic. This adds a huge sense of space to the mix right-off-the-bat, giving a depth to an otherwise one-dimensional source.

2. Stereo room mics: Whenever it’s called for, I’ll record an instrument with 2 stereo mic pairs. For example, on “Magenta”, I recorded Ari Joshua in a large gym with two mics on the electric guitar cabinet and two XY mics out in the hall at a 25 foot distance. Not only does this add a huge sense of space to the overall stereo mix, when it comes time to do the surround mix, the room speakers can be placed in the rear, giving a natural “being there” sound.

The following acoustic guitar pic was taken in the same gym with my late buddy Barbara Buckland (R.I.P.).

3. One of the effects that I’ve been having fun with is the Universal Audio Ocean Way Studios acoustic space plug-in for the UAD2 … it adds such a natural and big sense of space to an electronic mix, that’s it’s just too fun to pass up.

Combining Ocean Way with the actual distant mics, combine to create an electronic project that doesn’t sound dry or sterile … Obviously, I’ve been having fun!

NOTE: See all the project notes at the Chamberland page

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Update: Turns out that the latest version of Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo has now fully integrated FLAC into its import/export scheme … as a result, I no longer need the following tools. Just export as a 2.0 or 5.1 file and you’re in biz. Life gets easier!

Two days ago, I knew nothing about making FLAC surround files and was quite intimidated. With the help of a few friends, I found two possible programs to check out. Here’s the process that I went through:

Mac: TwistedWave $79
PC: Foobar2000 and Foobar Encoder Pack Free

What is FLAC?

1. First off, I quickly realized that the key to making multichannel FLAC was to encode your mix as a single multichannel interleaved stream (so that you end up with a single 5.1 soundfile). Without this, nothing happens with any converter that I know of.

2. Now that you have your file, load it into the program. On Foobar (which I’ve finally chosen as my final converter), You right-click on the imported soundfile and choose “convert”. Make the proper settings (compression level 5 gives a 50% lossless data reduction). Then set your file destination and, BANG, you have a surround multichannel FLAC file that’s ready to play.

3. Metadata (tags) can be added to the soundfile using foobar or any preferred program for adding tags and the file’s ready for distribution.

Note: Those of you who have a 5.1 setup that can play FLAC, here’s a sample from Chamberland … enjoy and get back to me with your findings and thoughts.

Click here to download a surround FLAC example (note: must have the required codecs and audio setup)


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OK … I figure it’s best that I enter my Grammy experiences in the form of a post (so I can update it, as I remember more things). First off, the last week literally feels like 3 weeks. No seriously, we’re pretty much toast after a driving West Coast tour.

To start off, our performance at the Figueroa Hotel was awesome. As usual, it would’ve been nice to have more bodies. But the pool location was awesome and the “Fig” was its usual gorgeous self. My buddy Maurice from PMC rented a pair of super-professional JBL speakers that sounded beyond killer, the bass the high … all were balanced perfectly to give lots of power, while allowing the crowd to talk (the mark of a true hi-end pro system). Lastly, Marcell and I are doing something right, in that every time we play, we get asked back to do a more prominent headline night. Next year, we’re hoping to Play the Fig on Friday before the Grammy telecast.

Next up was the Village Recorders party in Hollywood. IT ROCKED! I was totally afraid that I wouldn’t know anybody … turns out I kept running into buddies from all over the world! Way cool! Hollywood, networking and having fun at its finest!

The Nominee party at the Wilshire Ebell is always a highlight. The nominees were all decked out in tuxes and amazing dresses, having just received our medals. The lifetime achievement awards at the Ebell included tributes to Patti Page and other luminaries, but I particularly love the 30 year tribute to MIDI … Happy 30th Birthday MIDI!

AND THEN … there was the big day! I didn’t win in my category (surround), but some dear friends did. fact is, I don’t feel bad at all, as I was included in a group that are all super-dedicated, hard-working and good-hearted! … It’s an honor to be nominated with such awesome people!

The big night was also a blast … Dan and I were seated (for the fist time) on the main floor. Life is VERY different down there … as luck would have it, we were placed at a point where all the stars had to pass by to get to the main stage from the front. Starts like Sting, Adelle, Dave Groll of the Foo Fighters, Rihanna, Ellen Degeneres … they all “had” to walk within 2 feet of us. Johnny Depp and Elton John were at the end of the isle (30 feet away) … lots of fun!

To top it off, I was sitting with major engineers (all of us are PMC clients with Maurice)… turns out I was sitting next to Tony Maserati, a very well known engineer. I didn’t know it was him, so I had the honor of getting to know the man and not the name… what a sweet guy! Definitely looking forward to next year!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013 @ 7:00pm
TOUCH! LA … a special Grammy Week performance by electronic music artists DMH (David Miles Huber) and Marcell Marias, featuring a night of music performed using cutting-edge touch-sensitive controllers and live visuals. It’s also a celebration of DMH’s 3rd Grammy nomination (surround category) for his latest project Chamberland.


Figueroa Hotel (@ rear pool area)
939 S. Figueroa Street
(Across the street from Staples Center, LA Live/Nokia Theatre and Grammy Museum)
Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, February 5th
7:00 – 10:00pm

join the e-mail list join the e-mail list

DMHMarcell Marias

Performing through world renowned PMC loudspeakers, this cozy LA event pulls out all the stops in technology through its use of cutting edge, touch-sensitive performance tools and technology to deliver a sonic and visual event that only hints at what DMH and MM have up their sleeves for the techno-geek in all of us.

Visuals by Funky Photons
Stage performance controllers sponsor: Smithson-Martin
Loudspeakers: PMC (LA)

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