“DMH” is a 4X Grammy-nominated musician and producer in the electronic, dance and downtempo genres, who creates a “Zen-meets-Tech experience” that pulls the listener into a musical soundscape that’s rich, enticing and energizing.

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The “Zen-meets-Tech” foundation of DMH’s music is perfectly energized and balanced out by lush, downtempo beats and live acoustic instruments that can be performed in stereo or surround sound. Using cutting-edge studio technology, DMH performs and produces his music throughout North America and Europe.

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Explore DMH’s innovative and enticing music productions … enjoy.

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They say that a picture’s worth a thousand words … well, say no more.

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DMH’s wordpress blog … tech, tips and behind-the-scenes stuff. Yeah baby!

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chamberland, like its namesake, encompasses many facets; at its heart it is an electronic project and performance piece that is complex and relaxing at the same time. Being composed from many live and electronic instrument elements, it lends itself perfectly as a media experience in the home or on the dancefloor.


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